'Newsroom' Season 2 Trailer: 'Together, They Stand Alone'

The Newsroom

Sunday, July 14
10 p.m. on HBO

It's Will McAvoy versus the world when the second season spans current events from the death of Muammar Gaddafi through the 2012 presidential election.

A new trailer for the second season of HBO's Newsroom, premiering July 14, shows Jeff Daniels' Will McAvoy as his curmudgeonly and confused self -- except he's in an arid desert, not a chaotic newsroom.

The clip, set to the soundtrack of Tom Odell's "Can't Pretend," sees Will stumbling past his co-workers: Maggie (Alison Pill) flirts with Jim (John Gallagher Jr.), who's then magically replaced by Don (Thomas Sadoski), the third in an ongoing love triangle. Neal (Dev Patel) throws a phone. Sloan (Olivia Munn) appears frustrated in front of a TV camera. Will's boss, Charlie (Sam Waterston), raises a glass underneath a billboard of his boss, Jane Fonda, that warns: "I'm Watching You."

Will chases after exec producer (and ex-girlfriend) MacKenzie (Emily Mortimer) until she disappears. Then, joined by his colleagues, he stumbles upon a television set. Cue the tagline: "Together, They Stand Alone."