Maurice Sendak Calls Newt Gingrich an 'Idiot' in 'Colbert Report' Interview (Video)

Stephen Colbert Maurice Sendak - H 2012
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Stephen Colbert Maurice Sendak - H 2012

Maurice Sendak, author of the classic children's Where the Wild Things Are, took potshots at Newt Gingrich during his appearance on Tuesday's The Colbert Report.

There to promote his latest book, Bumble-ardy, Sendak responded to a litany of questions from host Stephen Colbert on why he would write books for kids. "They are just biding their time until we're gone and then they get our stuff. And then they take our place," reasoned Colbert, adding: "Newt Gingrich said it: children don't have a work ethic."

Sendak's response: "But Newt Gingrich is an idiot. ...  There is something so hopelessly gross and vile about him that it's hard to take him seriously. So let's not take him seriously."

(That got big laughs from the studio audience.)

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Sendak also discussed a sequel to the 2009 Wild Things film adaption directed by Spike Jonze, calling it "the most boring idea imaginable!" Colbert then held up a book called Where the Wild Things are 2: Still Wildin'! with the subtitle: "Featuring Vin Diesel." The faux newsman envisioned promotional tie-ins with Taco Bell, Burger King and "Wild Things"-branded "Snack Packs."

Puzzled, Sendak asked: "Who's Vin Diesel?"

He then signed off on Colbert's concept, saying: "It is so bad that not only will it sell -- it will make pots and pots of money for you."

Watch the clip below.

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