NFL Network Viewers Vote Tom Brady Best Player 2011

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was voted number one in NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011 program on Sunday night.

Sunday night’s installment, the last of a ten part series, showcased a list of the year's best footballers as voted on by NFL coaches and players.

As of Monday morning, “Tom Brady” had become a trending topic on Twitter.

"He's not the biggest, he was never the strongest, he was never the fastest,” said Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, who presented the segment along with Jets cornerback Darvelle Revis. “So with that being said, all the intangibles a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked with him, because it was burning from the inside of him."

Brady enjoyed numerous highlights this past football season, throwing 36 touchdowns with a 65 percent completion. He managed 3,900 yards in addition to a 36 to 4 touchdown-to-interception rate and a 111 passer rating.

Last year, Brady was voted number 21 in NFL Network’s 100 Greatest Players of All Time.




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