Nielsen Formalizes Plans to Incorporate Mobile Views Under TV Ratings Purview

W -- White Hat

White Hat is a term for justice that David and Olivia regularly use. In the season two finale, after David -- a former rival of Olivia's -- is revealed to have been working under cover to help OPA. After he steals the Cytron card and hands it over to Cyrus (who destroys it), David sends Olivia a real white hat to celebrate.

Nielsen is making another play to properly account for the increasingly elusive TV viewer. Starting during the 2014-15 season, the media company will add mobile viewers into its TV ratings and dynamic digital ratings.

The news comes on the heels of the recently launched social ratings that documents TV impressions on Twitter -- and a new fall season that has the broadcast networks placing considerably less emphasis on overnight returns. Unlike Twitter stats, however, these mobile views will be incorporated into traditional TV measurements.

"We've been working hard to deliver this new SDK (software developer kit) and are excited to be able to deliver a single client solution that supports both the linear (TV style) and dynamic (Internet style) ad models," said Megan Clarken Nielsen's executive vp and global product leader. "This unified encoding approach for video enables measurement to follow content across screens and ad models."

Mobile, it should be noted, still accounts for a relatively small piece of the multiplatform pie when compared to DVR, VOD and online viewing.

As for content not eligible for traditional TV ratings -- be it for elapsed crediting time, dynamic ad insertion or for originating online -- those views will be measured in Nielsen digital ratings.

Since most broadcast TV series don't make their way online until at least the day after airing, these new measurements likely won't have any effect on Live+Same Day ratings reported every day. Where networks could see an uptick is in Live+Three, the measurement currently used when selling advertising, which has already enjoyed a healthy boost this season as more and more viewers adopt time-shifting.