Nik Wallenda Eyes Next TV Stunt: Headstands Atop a Georgia Tightrope

"It was taped live for the BBC, and I want to walk the wire with my grandfather"
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Nik Wallenda

After conquering Chicago blindfolded, what is Wallenda's next tightrope-walking challenge?

"I'm working on recreating my great-grandfather's greatest walk, which was over Tallulah Gorge, Georgia — 600 feet high, 1,000 feet long,'' he told Today on Monday morning, just after wrapping his Windy City event on Sunday night. "He did two headstands on the wire. I've never done a headstand on the wire in public, and I'm training for that. I want to recreate that walk."

He added, "It was taped live for the BBC, and I want to walk the wire with my grandfather."

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The Sunday night event, which aired live on Discovery Channel and around the world, featured a two-part walk — without a net or harness — in one of the windiest sections of Chicago. In the first part, he walked uphill at a 19-degree angle at its maximum from the Marina City west tower (588 feet tall) to the top of the Leo Burnett building (671 feet tall) on the other side of the river — making it his steepest walk ever. At 50 stories above the Chicago River, it also was the highest skyscraper crossing in the history of the Wallenda family. He walked the second part of the tightrope crossing — a 100-foot walk between the two Marina City towers — blindfolded.

Wallenda also said on Today of the Chicago stunt that he never leaves room for fear. "I have to stay focused on what I'm doing. If I let fear enter my body then that's when an accident can happen so I try to just remain very positive and very focused," he explained. "Up until recently, I thought it was impossible to walk a wire without vision. To take that important element out was extremely challenging." 

Watch the video below.

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