'Nikita': Devon Sawa on Owen's Bad Timing, Confrontations and Search for Truth

Nikita Episodic Devon Sawa - H 2012
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Nikita Episodic Devon Sawa - H 2012

It'll be Nikita (Maggie Q) and Owen (Devon Sawa) on The CW's Nikita for the foreseeable future -- at least where field assignments are concerned. Following Michael's traumatic (and physical) sacrifice in "Intersection" a few episodes ago, the former field agent will be adjusting to his new role in Division as a behind-the-scenes handler.

"There will be more teaming up," Sawa told The Hollywood Reporter of Nikita and Owen's continued partnership, which isn't something Michael (Shane West) takes lightly. "I don't think Owen is stepping in at certain times with bad intentions. He really cares about Nikita; he's got her back. He's sticking up for her."

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He added, "Michael doesn't like the fact that they're out on missions together and he has to learn to like Owen." In one particular scene set in an art gallery, Michael coaches the "thuggish" Owen through the mission since he's operating in Michael's world. That's not to say Michael will take a backseat in the action. "Michael saves the day a couple times," Sawa hinted, adding that "Owen isn't used to working on a team, doing things quietly, using his head before he does things."

In "Aftermath," viewers saw Owen, former Division cleaner, go up against a rogue one. As Sawa tells it, there was a reason why Owen could not have taken a similar path.

"The difference between Owen and Liam (the cleaner he and Nikita were going up against) is Division wasn't able to pull out Owen's conscience. He still had a heart. He was able to get a girlfriend on the side and fall in love. That's why he's so close to Nikita. They're kind of from the same kind of world," he said. "The only reason why Owen and Liam went separate ways was because Owen had a heart."

Though Owen and Nikita will continue to "go on little missions," Sawa noted that Amanda (Melinda Clarke) is always in the back of Owen's mind. She is his true goal. "Owen, personally, is chasing Amanda because of his past. She's got the key to Sam," he said, "but they go after other Dirty Thirty characters."

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One of those people will be Ari Tasarov (Peter Outerbridge), who plays a big role in the Amanda quest. "He's going to get some answers out of him," Sawa revealed, adding that those particular scenes are "really, really cool."

In addition to more Owen and Nikita missions, expect Owen to go off with Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) where they get some quality bonding time in. "We're in a car together and we're getting to know each other. Owen attempts a joke and it's only funny because it was so awkward," Sawa recalled. "The whole time Sean's (Dillon Casey) listening in."

"Owen's always in the wrong place at the wrong time with these girls," he joked. For the time being, don't expect any romance for Owen. "It's not General Hospital," Sawa deadpanned.

When Sawa sat down for the interview, he was awaiting the next script, which he said was likely to include pivotal information about Owen's backstory. "[Creator] Craig [Silverstein] has kept me completely in the dark about Owen's past, and I know just as much as the fans know at this point," he said.

Sawa was as shocked as viewers were at Michael losing his hand in "Intersection." "Jaw dropping on the floor," he said. Those bombshells won't let up anytime soon. "The episode they're shooting right now, there's something equally as crazy [as the final scene in 'Intersection']."

Nikita airs 8 p.m. Fridays on The CW.

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