'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford on What Awaits Their Characters in Season 2 (Videos)

The countdown to the return of Nikita is underway.

With less than five days to go until the start of Season 2, The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Lyndsy Fonseca and Aaron Stanford recently about what awaits Alex and Birkhoff, respectively.

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Alex, if viewers remember, split from her mentor Nikita (Maggie Q) at the end of last season, teaming up with an unlikely "ally": new Division chief Amanda (Melinda Clarke), following orders sent down by Oversight. But Fonseca, who appeared on CBS' How I Met Your Mother for several seasons, says the new season is a new beginning -- and a new love interest for Alex.

"Alex and the rest of the characters from the very first episode, everyone's in a very different place," Fonseca told THR at the CW premiere party. "It's not like [the season begins] the next day, it's what's happened since. And I don't know if people will expect it really."

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Fonseca hinted that not all of the encounters between Alex and former Division head Percy (Xander Berkley) will be as simple as they may seem. "Really listen to the Alex and Percy scenes because even if you think something's just flying by that doesn't mean anything, it comes back around," she said. "Everything means something."

Stanford told THR that there's an "intricate backstory" already laid out for his character, Birkhoff. "He's out in the field a little bit more. He has many more opportunities to be humiliated," he said.

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Watch Stanford's interview below:

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