'Nikita': Shane West Reveals Why Owen-Nikita Pairing Is 'Disgusting'

Nikita Sanctuary Shane West - H 2012
Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Nikita Sanctuary Shane West - H 2012

After last week's memorable Michael-Owen teamup on Nikita, the entire gang is finally back together in Friday's episode "Sanctuary."

Fans were buzzing after last week's episode showed Michael and Owen (Devon Sawa) as partners, however tense it was. (Owen was responsible for killing Nikita's fiance Daniel and was attracted to the former Division asset.)

West was adamant that Owen and Nikita (Maggie Q) could never work romantically. "I've told the creators this: I firmly believe that Owen and Nikita cannot be together," Shane West told The Hollywood Reporter during a winter Television Critics Assoc. party.

West brought up the death of Daniel as exhibit A: "Basically, you can't make a relationship out of that. That is so disgusting, it's gross. If they hadn't written that, then that would be different. Personally, if that ever goes that route, I will ask the writers to never have Michael get back together with her again because I wouldn't as Shane and I wouldn't as Michael -- ever. It's too ridiculous."

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West said moments later, of Nikita potentially moving on, "To me, it has to be [CIA agent/analyst] Ryan (Noah Bean) or someone new. It just can't be someone that's killed the love of her life."

On the topic of Ryan in the Nikita fold, West argued Nikita actually has more chemistry with him than she does Owen. "The chemistry's even stronger. He's been in less episodes. I think when you see Ryan appear again [when] Nikita discovers that he's alive -- because she thinks he's dead -- when she's crying on his chest there's a lot going on there," West said.

With Michael working with Nikita, does this mean their relationship is back to normal? "They're not talking about their personal life," he said. Later adding, "He's more worried about being the rock that he usually is. He's the only one in her life that's been able to [calm her down]."

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West was unsure how Michael and Nikita would fare in the second half of the season. But ultimately, he was hopeful. "A lot of things are going to come to a head at the end of the year, but I don't know if it's necessarily going to be about what happened with Michael and Nikita or in their relationship," West said. "They might wait until a year or until next season to fix that."

As far as he's concerned, when it all comes down to it, Nikita is all about Michael and Nikita. "If it's not that then that's tragic, tragic writing. But currently, it's great," West said.

What's on the horizon? "There's a scene I'm about to shoot where I save Alex's (Lyndsy Fonseca) life, yet again. I think it's the fourth or fifth time where I've come in with a gun, shot someone, didn't speak and walked away," he revealed.

Nikita airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on the CW.