'Nikita': 'Wrath' Is Maggie Q's 'Best Performance of the Season,' Says Writer

"Nikita ends up in a dark place, where she has to confront the questions of her identity as well as the damage in her past," writer Albert Kim tells THR of Friday's episode.
The CW

Nikita is about to feel the wrath.

When the CW drama kicks off the final episodes of season two, its heroine will be forced to deal with issues left off to the side. Written by Albert Kim and directed by Jeffrey Hunt, "Wrath" sees Nikita captured and left to face a side of herself she had buried a long time ago.

In crafting the episode, Kim saw it as a bit of a reset.

"Going into this episode was a little bit of a reset for our characters, especially for Nikita and for Michael," Kim told The Hollywood Reporter in previewing Friday's return. "So it felt like it was time to come back to the emotional and character issues that they've sort of been avoiding for much of the season, which had to do with what the status of their relationship was."

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It was important for the story to unravel organically instead of hitting it head on. "Plot-wise, an old foe of Nikita's returns and is seeking his revenge, captures and proceeds to torture her. Within that crucible, Nikita confronts a lot of her emotional issues, stuff that she may not have been able to say or get to without the threat of physical and emotional distress," Kim said.

"It was a combination of things that we needed to get to and we needed to address these character issues that have been left hanging," he added.

Where Nikita ultimately goes during the hour will be devastating.

"Nikita ends up in a dark place, where she has to confront the questions of her identity as well as the damage in her past," explained Kim, who added that it is "unsettling as a writer when you try to write those scenes."

From a writing standpoint, he admitted that "Wrath" "was one of the toughest scripts I've ever had to write. I had to get into the heads of these characters who were going through some very raw places."

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By the end of "Wrath," Nikita will have questioned her past at Division and the choices she made and could have made. As Kim tells THR, "the thing she's been saying all along throughout the series is that she was a slave to Division, but one of the realizations that she doesn't like to admit to herself but is forced to is that there were times where she enjoyed her missions."

Kim praised series star Maggie Q, who plays Nikita, calling the episode "her best performance of the season."

As for the upcoming finale, Kim revealed that it doesn't exactly end on a cliffhanger.

"The finale will be satisfying and complete in itself," he said. "There will be threads that we will leave open that will point us in the direction of where season three might go, but it's a traditional cliffhanger where our heroes are trapped in a room with a bomb waiting and we go black."

Nikita airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.