Noah Centineo Joins James Corden for 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Parody

James Corden-Noah Centineo-Publicity-H 2018
Terence Patrick/CBS

Noah Centineo joined James Corden in a parody of To All the Boys I've Loved Before on Thursday's episode of CBS' The Late Late Show.

Centineo became an overnight sensation after starring in the Netflix romantic comedy, which tells the story of high school student Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) after love letters she wrote to her past crushes are mysteriously sent out. Peter Kavinsky (Centineo) is one of the recipients, and the two begin a fake romance in order to send the message to her most recent — and off-limits — crush that she no longer likes him after he also receives her letter.

The actor is currently featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's latest Next Gen issue, which is out this week.

The sketch opens with Centineo asking Corden if they can talk. "I got your letter," he told the host. Corden denied that he sent Centineo a letter, though the actor pulled it out and read it to the host.

"Noah Centineo, you're so hot. Like, stupid hot. Hot in the way where you don't even know it, but you, like, totally know it," read the actor. "Sometimes I fantasize about having you as a guest on the show. I mean, the things I'd say to you."

Corden then cut Centineo off before he could read any more of the letter. "Okay, yes. I did. I wrote that letter, but you gotta believe me. That was never supposed to get to you," he said.

Centineo said that he enjoyed the letter, but he wanted to see where things would go before committing to an appearance on The Late Late Show.

The pair are then seen walking through the show's office with their hands in each other's pockets. Centineo channeled his inner Peter Kavinsky and twirled Corden into him, much like the character does to Lara Jean in the film.

Centineo pulled a Starburst out of Corden's pocket. "Trick or treat," he said before eating the candy. The host then whispered that the candy is from "last year's Halloween. I haven't worn these jeans in ages."

The duo next ate lunch together on bleachers. Centineo asked Corden what his favorite band is and the host answered, "Whatever's on the radio." The actor responded, "Dude, I frickin' love the radio." As the two bonded over their shared interest, Centineo used his sandwich to wipe food off of Corden's face.

Corden is later seen closing his locker in a high school setting. Centineo bumped into him and stated that he seemed distracted. The actor grabbed a piece of paper out of Corden's binder that had some joke ideas for his next monologue. "These are fantastic, James," he said. "The whole time I was writing them, I was thinking of you," admitted the host.

Slow music played as the two opened up to each other. "I've been thinking maybe I could be your guest," Centineo said. "Like, officially."

"There's nothing in the world I want more," proclaimed Corden as he grabbed Centineo's hand.

The two faced their first conflict when Corden learned that Centineo had previously been a guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! "Kimmel?! Kimmel?! When did you do Kimmel?!" shouted Corden. "Were you ever planning on telling me?"

In a fit of rage, Corden accidentally knocked over a box full of letters addressed to other potential guests. "Tom Cruise? Harry Styles? Halsey? Chris Pratt? Chris Pine? Chris Hemsworth?" Centineo listed as he shuffled through the letters. "What? Did you write a letter to every Chris in Hollywood?"

"I thought that I was the only one," said the actor before exiting the room.

After the pre-recorded portion of the segment concluded, Corden was seen onstage as he prepared to introduce his guests for the show. After announcing that Centineo is one of the night's guests, the actor slowly opened his door to address Corden and the audience. "Listen, James, I don't really want to talk right now," he said.

Taking a cue from Love, Actually, Corden pulled out poster board that read, "Say it's carol singers." Centineo responded, "Who the hell is Carol Singers?"

"Oh, come on! You've never seen Love, Actually?" said Corden. "Typical millennials." The host then revealed the next message, which said that he was sorry.

"Noah Centineo, will you be my guest tonight?" asked Corden. The camera revealed that the actor had closed his dressing room door, implying that he was not willing to forgive Corden.

The actor then pushed through the curtains at the back of the stage and ran to the host. "You had me at 'hello,'" he said, referencing Jerry Maguire. The two embraced each other in a hug and the audience rose to their feet to applaud the reconciliation.

Watch the full parody, below.