Late-Night Hosts React to Trump Administration Climate Change Report

Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon -Publicity-Split-H 2018
Courtesy of Comedy Central; Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon addressed the Trump administration's recent report on climate change during Monday's episodes of their late-night shows.

After the administration enlisted 13 federal agencies and 300 leading climate scientists to conduct a study about man-made climate change, it was concluded that climate change is real and already negatively impacts the world. Trump told reporters Monday that despite the study's results, he does not believe what the report states.

On The Daily Show, Noah began the segment by stating how cold it was on the East Coast over the Thanksgiving weekend. "It was so cold that your turkey refused to come out of the oven," he joked.

Noah then shared a clip from CBS This Morning that explained that man-made climate change has the potential to enhance heat waves, wildfires and hurricanes. The report concluded that climate change will have a negative impact on the economy.

"I love how America always thinks about everything in economic terms," said Noah. "Even when they talk about the end of the world, they say, 'Climate change is gonna kill everybody and that's gonna cost us like a billion dollars.'"

Noah shared a clip of Trump stating that he "read some of" the report and saying he didn't think it was true.

"How can one man possess all the stupidity of mankind? It's like they edited his genes to give him superhuman stupidity," said Noah in response to the clip.

The host then asked why scientists would lie about the severity of climate change and shared a clip of former senator Rick Santorum claiming that the scientists lied about climate change to continue getting paid for their research. "Of course. How did we miss it? Climate change is just a scam," said Noah. "It's a scam by scientists trying to get rich. We should've known when we saw them balling in those Gucci lab coats with the diamond-encrusted beakers."

Noah shared another clip, which showed a woman on MSNBC who denied climate change and also stated that she was not a scientist. "Once you say, 'I'm not a scientist,' why is anyone listening to your scientific opinion?" he responded. "Where else would we accept this? 'Hey Trevor, these test results say that you have cancer, but I'm not a doctor. I think that you're fine.'"

He then criticized news programs that bring on non-scientists to argue against climate change. "Think of it this way. When Maury Povich brings someone on, if the DNA test says you are the father and that's it. The science has spoken," he said. "American news, maybe you should respect science as much as Maury Povich does."

Over on The Tonight Show, Fallon informed his audience that the federal government released a 1,600-page report about climate change.

"Leave it to America to release a report about saving the planet on 1,600 pieces of paper," joked the host. "Single-sided."