'I'll Have What She's Having': 7 Great Parodies of Nora Ephron's Famous 'When Harry Met Sally' Deli Scene (Video)

When Harry Met Sally Diner Scene - H 2012

When Harry Met Sally Diner Scene - H 2012

The "I'll have what she’s having" scene in the Nora Ephron-scripted When Harry Met Sally remains one of the most memorable moments in romantic comedy history. And sure enough, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal's exchange -- along with the classic line spoken by director Rob Reiner's mother -- have generated their fair share of parodies:

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Craig Ferguson
The talk show host plays both parties and delivers the famous line as well. But in Ferguson's version, the Sally role is occupied by the talk-show appearing as Sean Connery, much as depicted on Saturday Night Live's "Celebrity Jeopardy"; Harry is British spy character Harry Palmer, originally played by Michael Caine.

Muppets Tonight
In the Muppets parody, Miss Piggy plays opposite the actual Billy Crystal, who was the episode's guest star. As the original scene is not appropriate for the Muppets' young demographic, Miss Piggy instead shows Harry how well women can fake a sneeze, prompting a twist on the famous final line.

Comedy Central's The Comedians of Comedy
Stopping in New York City with the Comedians tour, which was documented as a 2005 TV series, Zach Galifianakis and Maria Bamford visit Katz's Deli, where the original scene was filmed. In a straight gender reversal, Bamford assures Galifianakis that men cannot fake it, but he tries his hardest to prove her wrong. Jon Glaser picks up on the reference.

ZACH Galifianakis Harry met Sally - watch more funny videos

Lifetime’s "Hollywood Tails"
One surefire rule of the internet: if something was funny originally, it'll be funny with talking dogs, too. In this spoof, part of a web video series produced by Lifetime, "Hairy" watches "Shaggy" give her convincing performance. A French-accented and bespectacled canine auteur gives commentary -- "Mademoiselle, she is out of control!"

"When Harry Met Star Wars"
Never underestimate the power of overdubbing. In a deli not so far away, Harry finds Sally's lack of faith disturbing, but when she pretends to feel a tremor in the Force, her voice sounds a bit unusual.

Mike and Mal's Radical Remakes
Not a parody but a "tribute," this independent video was created by two Australian guys who recreate the scene for the surprised patrons of a real-life diner. After a few concerned stares, their audience catches on.

Family Guy
In this 2007 episode -- the show's 101st -- Peter Griffin has just shot the diabolical Stewie and is looking for an appropriate one-liner.