Watch 'Notting Hill' With Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant's "Real" Voices, Dubbed for Charity (Video)

Richard Gere said it bluntly: "It's the lowest gravelly voice I've ever heard."
'Notting Hill'

Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant poked fun at themselves for the sake of NBC's first-ever Red Nose Day televised fundraiser.

In a fun bit, the two Notting Hill actors noted that their voices have been dubbed in every movie they've appeared, since they truly don't sound anything like they look.

Though Roberts' other collaborators like Jodie Foster said she has "a distinctive voice" and Hugh Bonneville called shooting with her "a journey of discovery," Richard Gere said it bluntly: "it's the lowest gravelly voice I've ever heard."

The bit continues that its a regular industry practice, also used by Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino and Daniel Craig — the latter who asserted, "I don't sound like a little girl. I sound like a big manly man, which is what I am."

NBC's three-hour charity event only drew 3.2 million viewers on Thursday night, but raised an impressive $21 million so far, with that number likely to grow over the coming 30-day drive.

Watch the video below.