'Nurse Jackie': Jackie Meets Her Match in Rehab

On Sunday's episode of the Showtime dramedy, Bobby Cannavale's son, Jake, begins a multiepisode arc as the drug-addicted nurse's new confidant.
"Nurse Jackie"

Now that Nurse Jackie's Jackie Peyton has admitted she has a problem, the drug-addicted nurse will take the next step and head to rehab during Sunday's episode of the Showtime dramedy.

Once Jackie (Edie Falco) arrives, however, she'll find that group therapy doesn't really suit her. "She has a very hard time relating to other people in rehab -- she just doesn't," showrunner Liz Brixius tells The Hollywood Reporter.

While she may not relate to everyone in the group -- which includes a professional athlete and an elderly woman with an affinity for clowns -- she will strike up a camaraderie with Charlie (Jake Cannavale, the son of Jackie's Bobby Cannavale), a green-haired teenager who calls her on her crap whom she meets in the janitor's closet of all places.

"He is the person who starts talking to her and is really the first person who calls her out," Brixius says. "He calls her out on her behavior [during group therapy] and for the first time ever, we find out when Jackie started abusing drugs."

It's all part of the fourth season's larger story in which Jackie confronts her demons and begins to face the consequences of her pill-popping actions, which have included cheating on her husband in an effort to score prescription drugs, among other low-lights.

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"Jackie's so tired of not being real and she doesn't want to sit in treatment and listen to a woman talk about clowns; she doesn't care about that," Brixius says. "Jackie is an every woman and this kid is the one she likes best because he reminds her of one of her patients."

While Jackie won't take a maternal stance with him, the exec producer says it's Charlie's realness that will come to serve Jackie the most.

"He reminds her of one of her patients because one of the first things he says is, 'Drugs are going to take me out and I don't care,' which is the same thing as saying, 'I'm dying and I don't care,'" Brixius says.

Falco, meanwhile, tells THR that despite the age difference, Charlie will become her go-to guy in a pinch as she battles the urge to use. "On some level, addicts are ageless and they all understand what it's like to be at the mercy of this stuff, so he's a real compadre," she says. "They want to help each other."

How do you think Jackie will fare sober? Check out a clip from Sunday's episode below and hit the comments with your thoughts on how you think a sober Jackie will fare. Nurse Jackie airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

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