Jon Stewart Explores Occupy Wall Street Class Warfare on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

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On the eve of Mayor Bloomberg's ousting of the Occupy Wall Street protestors from Manhattan's Zuccotti Park, The Daily Show managed to pull one last segment together on the assortment of characters living there.

"Occupy Wall Street Divided" examines the increasingly divided state of the park at the end of the original occupation, interviewing the haves and have-nots who had apparently segregated into different camps.

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"Up there is like where the college hipsters that live in Brooklyn go and try to rule the park from," one west side Occupy member told correspondent Samantha Bee. "Down here its more of the poor people's encampment, and it's kind of contentious."

The feeling was apparently mutual. When asked if the "poor" half of Zuccotti ever had anything to contribute to the movement, someone from the east side said, "I think they do on occasion. Without them even knowing how good their ideas are, sometimes they come up with good ideas."

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Other revelations include a bike-powered espresso machine on the fancier side of Occupy and their location of choice for planning meetings: the atrium of the Deutsche Bank Building.

Watch the full segment below: