Fox News Anchor Calls Pepper Spray 'A Food Product' After Occupy Altercation (Video)

Megyn Kelly, O'Reilly Factor Still H
Fox News Channel

Pundits chimed in Monday night on the recent confrontation between UC Davis students and police officers armed with pepper spray.

Video of the officers dousing a line of protestors with the deterrent, in an effort to disband their Occupy camp at the school, spread across the web and TV over the weekend, prompting Bill O'Reilly and fellow Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to weigh in on the severity of the situation.

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"It's a derivative of actual pepper," Kelly explained. "It's a food product, essentially, but a lot of experts are looking at that and saying, 'Is that the real deal? Has it been diluted?'"

"They should have more of a reaction than that," O'Reilly responded, referring to the students who covered their faces while refusing to move as they were blanketed with the pepper spray.

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Kelly went on to admit that the footage looks "abrasive and intrusive," but she added that it didn't depict anything unlawful.

"Ten of them [protestors] were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to disperse because they were posing a, you know, sit-in, a student protest," she said. "You can do that. It's very American, but it may also happen to break the law. Look, I know the tape looks bad, but I don't know if from a legal standpoint the cops did anything wrong."