Odette Annable Discusses Doing Double Duty on 'House' and 'Breaking In'

One of two new series regulars on Fox’s veteran medical drama, the actress reveals to THR how her character fits in during the eighth season.
Odette Annable

When the new television season begins, there will be a good possibility viewers will be seeing double with Odette Annable.

Annable, who stars as thrillseeker Melanie in Breaking In, the half-hour Christian Slater comedy that seemed dead in the water until Fox resurrected it in late August, landed a series regular role (as Dr. Jessica Adams) on veteran medical drama House prior to the renewal. Luckily for the actress, she didn't have to give up either gig. Now that she's wanted on two series, how will she balance her duties?

"I don't know. I'm very excited to be on the same network doing two different shows, playing two completely different characters -- on a drama, on a comedy," Annable told The Hollywood Reporter at the Fox fall premiere party. "I hope that they're going to be able to work it out. I'm ready and willing."

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But she did suggest an easy remedy to negate any future scheduling or timing issues that may arise when House and Breaking In are both in production, the latter of which begins filming around December or January to air midseason.

"I keep pitching that Breaking In should break into House's office and I can be there and then Melanie and Dr. Adams will be there and they can battle it off," she said with a laugh. "And there we go. No scheduling conflicts."

While a crossover of that nature is unlikely, Annable revealed pivotal details on her House character, who will have an immediate connection with the namesake doctor as he is seen in prison nine months after the finale when Season 8 opens.

"He definitely hears her give what he thinks is a misdiagnosis, so he butts in and he does his House thing and I ask, 'Who are you? You're a prisoner. What do you think you're doing?,' " she said of the premiere. "I realize that he's House and know that he's credible and he starts to catch my eye." Creator David Shore told THR that "House manages to screw everything up while he's in prison, including her life," adding that she'll be incorporated into the hospital setting "pretty early." Annable teased that she will "absolutely" be interacting with Chase, Foreman and the rest of the gang.

Dr. Adams won't be the only new blood coming into the fray; funnywoman Charlyne Yi joins the dysfunction as Dr. Chi Park. "My character and Charlyne Yi's character, a lot of it is we're the eyes for the audience," Annable said. "We're reacting the way the audience should react towards House because we're experiencing him the first time."

Annable admitted that she would have loved to "have been able to work with" Lisa Edelstein, who departed at the end of the seventh season "because I know Cuddy was such a great character." This season, adds Annable, "it'll be a fresh new take on House and his world and what he does."

Separately, THR interviewed Annable on the carpet prior to the party inside. Watch her red carpet interview below: