'The Office' Casts Josh Groban to Play Andy's Brother

The singer-actor will play Walter Jr. in one episode this fall.
Wendi Kaminski/NBAE via Getty Images
Josh Groban

An unlikely candidate has been cast as Andy Bernard's brother on The Office.

Singer-actor Josh Groban has landed the role of Walter Jr. on the veteran NBC comedy in the upcoming eighth season, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. At the moment, Groban's stint is only for one episode and though an airdate has not been set, it is scheduled to air some time this fall.

Groban's casting comes just one day after news broke of 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace playing Andy's parents.

Groban, who earlier this year performed Kanye West's tweets in song form, most recently appeared in the Steve Carell-Ryan Gosling romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love. He has lent his voice to Adult Swim's Robot Chicken and American Dad, in addition to appearing on Fox's Ally McBeal in 2001 and Glee.