'The Office' Episode Ends With New Boss

See who will take over for Steve Carell's departing Michael Scott in the next few episodes of the NBC comedy.
Steve Carell as Michael Scott


The ending of NBC's The Office on Thursday night got lots of viewers talking about Steve Carell's replacement on the veteran comedy.

Carell's Michael Scott, who is exiting his role as Scranton branch manager, got engaged to girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan) and announced that he would be leaving to follow her to Colorado.

At the end of the episode, following the vanity cards, the announcer comes on to say: "Well, well, well, look who's going to be the new boss." And then Will Ferrell is shown reaching his arms out to give Carell a hug.
It was no surprise that Ferrell would be joining the comedy upon Carell's exit. The news was announced in January that he would play an inappropriate branch manager who arrives from the home office.

However, Ferrell fans might not want to get too excited just yet.
NBC and Universal Media Studios have maintained that Ferrell is not joining the show full-time and will be appearing in a multiepisode arc. Which means that there will likely be another boss come next season.
After the episode aired, fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the ending, with many happy about the news.
"Adding The Office to my DVR list. I'm not missing Will Ferrell as the new boss," one commenter wrote.
Another added: "Omg The Office made me cry! But Will Ferrell is going to be awesome as the new boss!"
There were some naysayers, however.
"If Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office, I will no longer be a fan of the show. I can't stand Ferrell. #terrible #humor  #notfunny," wrote one, while another tweeted: "So that's it? Will Ferrell is the new boss on The Office? A bit anticlimactic, no?"

Gail Speight contributed to this report.

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