'The Office' Reveals Documentary Crew After Nearly Nine Full Seasons (Video)

The Office 1/24 - H 2013

The Office 1/24 - H 2013

The most patient film crew in history finally is getting its turn in the spotlight.

After nearly a decade of capturing painfully awkward, heartbreaking, mundane and insane moments inside the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Co., the documentary filmmakers that have produced the "mockumentary" that airs as The Office were finally revealed Thursday night.

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After a fight between Jim and Pam (and remember, these documentarians were there to chronicle their first flirtations and dramas) over his absence from their daughter's ballet recital (again, they've come a long way), Pam breaks down in tears. Enter a boom mic pole guy named Brian (Chris Diamantopoulos), a handsomely bearded fellow who consoles her as she cries. They've clearly established a real professional friendship, and Brian asks that the cameras be shut down out of respect for her privacy.

That they included the breaking of the fourth wall in their mockumentary is an interesting choice (we're really going down a mirrored rabbit hole of art and reality here -- someone call James Franco).

As the final season of The Office winds down, the crew behind this long-running documentary will come more into focus. Thursday night was just the beginning.