'The Office's' Creed Bratton Spoofs Todd Akin in Funny or Die Spot (Video)

Todd Akin Funny or Die Fake Apology - H 2012

Todd Akin Funny or Die Fake Apology - H 2012

A folk rocker and then a sitcom star, Creed Bratton may have found the next stage in his career: very specific political satirist.

The former Grass Roots guitarist will see his run on The Office end after this season, so it's good he's found a new gig with Funny or Die, spoofing Republican Rep. Todd Akin. Once in the lead in the Missouri senate race, Akin caused a national firestorm when he told a local news network that women's bodies had ways of preventing pregnancy if they had been "legitimately raped."

Akin apologized, saying that he chose the wrong words, but the damage was done. After skipping several interviews (including one with an outraged Piers Morgan) and being repudiated by his own party, he trails Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in the polls.

As for Bratton's impression, it's not exactly spot on (aside from the wig, of course), but that's half the fun. The other half is the song he sings at the end. Watch below.


Todd Akin's Apology from Creed Bratton