Jenji Kohan and Cast Say Goodbye to 'Orange Is the New Black' as Series Wraps Production

Orange Is the New Black has locked up its Litchfield set for the last time.

The veteran Netflix series wrapped production on its seventh and final season on Tuesday, and the cast of Jenji Kohan's prison dramedy has been marking the bittersweet milestone on social media.

Kohan shared an image of the final cast and crew photo taken on the New York set (in what looks to be the Litchfield Max setting of season six). Video of the moment was shared by castmember Vicci Martinez on her Instagram story.

The creator and showrunner captioned the group shot of her ensemble cast and crew, "This is a family. #OITNB." Kohan has been counting down the days on her Instagram account, sharing set photos with the cast and writers.

Natasha Lyonne shared that on the last shot "a guttural sound came out of me, like some wounded animal." Danielle Brooks documented her final ride to set in an Instagram story and, in the last weeks of filming, shared that the script for the penultimate episode "f**ked me up."

Uzo Aduba posted an OITNB montage to the tune of Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" on her Instagram story, and Taylor Schilling marked Tuesday's end by writing, "WHOA. My heart is full and achey and so overflowing with gratitude, I’m a little dizzy."

Laura Prepon, who has been posting throwback photos in the final week of filming, shared video of her teary-eyed wrap moment. And co-stars Kate Mulgrew, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Alysia Reiner, Beth Dover, Adrienne C. Moore, Taryn Manning, Lea DeLaria, Jackie Cruz, Diane Guerrero, Dale Soules, Nick Sandow, Michael Harney, Lori Petty, Jessica Pimentel, Laura Gomez, Emily Tarver, Emma Myles and Pablo Schreiber have all shared messages or throwback pictures for their "Orange fam" to mark their rolling final days. Piper Kerman, whose true story and book of the same name inspired the series, also shared a video tour of set on the last day. (See all of the social media posts below.)

Since helping to launch Netflix into the scripted originals business when it premiered in 2013 — flash forward to 2018, when Netflix reportedly spent $13 million on content — OITNB has been a staple drama for the streamer. After six seasons of awards and critical acclaim, prescient political storylines, and becoming a platform for timely topics from prison reform and institutional racism to human rights, Kohan and Netflix announced in October that the already renewed seventh season would be the series' last.

The seventh season will premiere in 2019 (new seasons traditionally release in June or July) and is poised to deliver powerful endings to major storylines and characters, according to the cast, when the final episodes return after season six's game-changing Piper Chapman (Schilling) twist.

After the fifth season prison riot, a handful of familiar faces amid the show's large ensemble were absent or only briefly appeared in season six (Guerrero,  DeLaria, Kimiko Glenn and Vicky Jeudy, to name a few), when the core cast was transferred to Litchfield's maximum security prison. The sixth season finale continued to fissure the group, as some characters were released and others were again transferred.

When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter before filming the penultimate episode of the series, Lyonne promised a "satisfying" ending; Brooks (Taystee Jefferson) warned of "surprises"; and Schilling said the ending is coming at the right time culturally: “I feel like we’ve told the stories, and I don’t feel like any stone is left unturned. I think [the show] did what it came to do. And now, in the Trump era, there are new stories to tell," she told THR.

Kohan, meanwhile, will remain in business with Netflix. She inked the streaming giant's first massive overall deal and executive produces awards darling GLOW. Kohan produced OITNB for Lionsgate TV before moving to Netflix. 

See how the cast is documenting the end of OITNB on social media — and starting the process of saying goodbye — below.





This is a family. #OITNB

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This is it! #Orangefinale #lastday

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That’s all she wrote... #OITNB #Bye

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OITNB series wrap! WHOA. My heart is full and achey and so overflowing with gratitude I’m a little dizzy. #orangefamily forever. #thatsawrap @lauraprepon #katemulgrew @uzoaduba @daniebb3 @tarynmanning @nicksandow @sheisdash @selenisleyvaofficial @yaelstone @acmoore9 @nlyonne @jackiecruz @theonlyelizabethrodriguez @thecrusher007 @mslauragomez @dalesoules @mattvanpeters @alysiareiner @ijnej @ttobie @markburley @lvinnecour @nerikyle @carolapaiz @angeldeangelis @karenreutermakeup711 @valerievelez76 @dierblessed @stephbarrmakeup @makeupartistlife @jennrogien @pinkpenny169 #cindyholland

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On the last shot, a guttural sound came out of me, like some wounded animal.

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Congratulations, Jenji!!! Congratulations #OrangeFamily!! Thank you for 7 beautiful, life changing years. @oitnb Thazza wrap city but you can’t shake me - it’s for life now.

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We were Dogwalking each other long before @iamcardib so wisely suggested it. @oitnb @sheisdash #EndOfAnEra

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That’s a wrap on one of the greatest gifts: bringing Alex Vause to life and being a part of this phenomenal show, #OITNB. #orangefamily, I am truly grateful for this experience and for all of you!

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Always love working alongside this beauty, @tayjschilling! #OITNB

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#FBF to directing my episode of #OITNB this season. I loved directing Taylor in these scenes & can’t wait for you guys to see them! #orangefamily #FemaleFilmmakerFriday

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#ThrowbackThursday to an Alex look that we tried out during season one of #OITNB. It didn’t make it in, but we had fun doing it. Nearing the series wrap—feeling nostalgic! #orangefamily #tbt

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And that’s a wrap on Fig & Caputo. What a ride. Who would have thunk it? 7 year roller coaster of hate fucking turns to, dare I say....??? @nicksandow I will forever be grateful for your partnership on this magical @oitnb carpet ride. @ijnej seven million thank yous. & fans: share your fav #fig&caputo moments to help us say ... see you next Tuesday. đŸ˜‰ #oitnb #oitnbfamily #season7 #bye

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Last @oitnb day for my beloved @officialbethdover. We may pretend to hate each other but IRL I couldn’t love u more. #wcw Caption anyone for this one? #rbf competition shot. #oitnb #oitnbfamily #season7 #last

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Tomorrow is my last day shooting Orange is the New Black. It has been such a beautiful ride and I’ll be forever grateful to have been a part of this show. Orange fam for lyfe! (I’ll probably be posting more pics so bear with me, I’m emotional) #oitnb #orangefam #netflix #finalseason @oitnb @netflix

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With 5 days of shooting left on @oitnb I find myself flooded with so many thoughts and feelings... I wanted to share these from a couple of months ago when @realleadelaria popped by to say hello. I’m gonna miss these phenomenal women @oitnb @netflix @piperkerman @ijnej #orangefamily #talent #heart #fierce #women #womenempowerment Los últimos 5 días de grabación de @oitnb. Tengo tantos recuerdos y sentimientos, no puedo poner en palabras. Voy a entrañar a estas mujeres fenomenales

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Came through to say “Bye”and give some love. #wheresDascha #Daschawashere #oitnb #netflix

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Today is my last day filming @oitnb. As Red bids goodbye to seven extraordinary years, Janeway lifts a glass and both blow kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the captains and cooks who make life sizzzle. #valentinesday #oitnb #red #janeway

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#TBT #BTS to this exact day 3 years ago when we filmed what would be Poussey's final moments. So many emotions. I loved that we were all there for this scene. We all listened intently as the director explained how this scene would be carefully laid out. We were all there for Samira as she beautifully portrayed this tragic reality. And we were all there to say goodbye to Poussey, such a light. It was a long night. We worked until about 1 in the morning. We were all tired, but we knew we were doing something so great and monumental that night. #blacklivesmatter. . . . WE LITERALLY BURNED THE MIDNIGHT OIL. . . I love this picture of Samira, cause anyone that knows her and how she enjoys food, would be fond of this photo. #oitnb #finalseason

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That’s a wrap for me What a neat, exciting, enlightening, sometimes traumatic but fantastic 7 year journey we had on a 7 year amazing, life changing show @oitnb A forever experience I shall never forget A life changing one I will always remember. All the amazing people I worked with and for, all the feelings we shared and all the time spent. This is for anyone I could not share a goodbye with I do not like goodbyes I am off to another loving and loyal job I am so grateful to have had in Hawaii! My good fam @hawaiifive0cbs #aloha!!! I love you and think of me during the wrap party where goodbyes are shared! I Wish my cast mates, crew, Netflix, Lionsgate, New York, and my beloved team and everyone’s teams for seeing the potential in the show and for winning! I wish a beautiful life and future for all! I Really love you all! Thank you from the bottom of my #7 #oitnb #netflix #lionsgate #actor #god Maybe one day my cast mates will like my photos and invite me out if I get to be as cool!

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On this the last day of shooting I present, in no particular order, some fond memories. Thank you @oitnb for making me the #lordofthelesbians. #byeboo

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Where it all started @thecrusher007 to the left to the left. Lol #daschawashere

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There’s so much room for activities.

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I want it. I got it.

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#tbt to last week’s final day of filming on @oitnb - here I am with @piperkerman. A bittersweet day! Much love to my OITNB ladies, now and always. #oitnb

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As we approach the last day of shooting I wanted to say thank you to all of you who watched us on Orange Is The New Black . #oitnb #samhealy #litchfield #jenjikohan #friends #Art

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That’s a final wrap on Joe Caputo! I’m gonna miss you Joe. It’s been a hell of a ride. Season7 @oitnb

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- #Lolly got her wrap on...thank you @OITNB @netflix - and thank u crazy-ass loving #fans. I love you so much xx

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I'm not crying, you are!

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And that's a wrap @oitnb #ruthlessruiz #mariaruiz #oitnb

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Yes it's a little blurry. No. you have no idea who these people are. Tonight is an Orange is the New Black tradition. At the end of every season we celebrate each other. So please celebrate our crew that handles the cameras, the lights, the sound, the costumes, the makeup, the set and props. These are the people that make your favorite show happen. #orangefamily

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Whatever rebel in me, I got to put it all to use in this amazing character. First time we ever saw her, she was a crazy lady talking to the devil in a bathroom stall. Little did we know. Stanislavsky said it first: “There are no small roles.” If ever there was proof, I can testify to that. What a run. What a show. What a visionary creator -@ijnej- producers & writers. What a memoir by @piperkerman. What a cast & crew. What a gift! Recuerdos del set. Rebelde con causa. Todo tiene su final. ¡Gracias totales! @oitnb #oitnb #blancaflores #sorrynotsorry

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That’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who worked on this show and all the lovely people who watch it! I’m so grateful. Thank you @ijnej - for your brain, heart and support. I met @viccimartinez and @officialbethdover and @lvinnecour and so many other hugely important people that I will love forever on @oitnb #orangefamily #seeyouinseason8JKJKJK #imfineitsfineimfine

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Today is my last ever day on @oitnb My last time slipping into Leanne’s shoes. My last time getting to play with @julie__lake as Angie. I don’t have the words to express what this job has meant to me. I have too many feelings. And I will do a very long nostalgia filled post later. But for now I’m on my way to set, getting ready to say goodbye and trying not to sob. Thank you for everything. I am eternally grateful. #oitnb #leannetaylor #leangie #goodbyeorange #goodbyeyellowbrickroad #thefatladyhassung

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Today was my last day on the set of @oitnb #happy #sad #grateful #rootbeer #oitnb

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@oitnb changed my life and the lives of so many people who worked on and watched our show. It gave us the space to just be ourselves. Thank you @ijenj for letting us play; thank you @netflix for giving us the platform. Thank you to everyone involved- from foreground to background actor, writers, directors, casting, producers and our illustrious crew- for making this entire project possible. I pray good things, only good, GOOD things come onto each of us. That’s a wrap on this chapter. Love you guys. XxoU “Smash to Orange, Fade to Black.” #oitnb #teamorange **check out my IG Stories for the WHOLE story.**

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Visiting old friends...

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