Olivia Wilde Explains the Art of Vagina Tattoos on 'Conan' (Video)

The "Change-Up" and "Cowboys & Aliens" actress stuns the talk show host with her frank discussion.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde is all over multiplexes this weekend with two major movies in theaters -- Cowboys & Aliens and The Change-Up.

In Cowboys & Aliens, she plays Ella, a gun-slinging woman holding onto a big secret. In The Change-Up, she's a sexy lawyer with her sights on Ryan Reynolds' character.

That role is raunchy to say the least and Wednesday night on TBS' Conan show, Wilde explained that her character in The Change-Up wants a tattoo in a "delicate spot."

She went on to describe similar tattoos she's seen in the nether region, "The best vagina tattoo I've ever seen...it was really cool. This girl she had pubic hair shaved in a square -- stay with me here -- and a little man with a lawnmower walking along. Isn't that great?!"

Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter were taken aback by the discussion, joking that it was the kind of topic Larry King has pondered since leaving his long-running CNN talk show, "That question's owned by Larry King. Ever since he went off the air, 'Best vagina tattoo you ever saw.'"

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