Olympics Opening Ceremony: James Bond and the Queen Meet, Parachute Into the Stadium (Video)

Queen Elizabeth James Bond Olympic Opening Ceremony - H 2012

Queen Elizabeth James Bond Olympic Opening Ceremony - H 2012

It couldn't get any more British if it came drenched in tea.

In planning a proper celebration of all things London, Olympics Opening Ceremony director Danny Boyle went right for the crown jewel: the Queen of England, herself. And he didn't stop there, as the Oscar winner teamed the beloved monarch with one of the island nation's most popular cultural exports, James Bond, in a pre-taped video kickoff that may have Skyfall director Sam Mendes jealous of his casting ability.

UPDATE: Queen's Parachute Double Revealed

In what would be the ultimate Bond movie opening, the Queen brings in the Daniel Craig-potrayed 007 to give him his next mission: kicking off the Olympiad. And she didn't stop there, as she (or, and this is just a hunch, someone dressed up like her) joined the intrepid secret agent in a skydive into the London stadium where the festivities were being held.

Despite the bit's importance, it wasn't easy to get made. It took three attempts, Nic Brown, the BBC Director of Drama Production, wrote in a blog post earlier today, with red tape, clouds and other headaches making the shoot about as difficult as winning a gold medal.