'Once Upon a Time' Deleted Scene: Captain Hook Has Eyes for Ruby (Exclusive Video)

Why didn't this scene make it into Once Upon a Time?

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a deleted scene from "In the Name of the Brother," the ninth episode of the sophomore season of ABC's fairy tale drama. Viewers will remember this particular episode revolving around the aftermath of Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) shooting Belle (Emilie De Ravin), the love of Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle), causing her to lose her memory. Not long after, a car strikes Hook, landing him in the hospital.

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The scene finds a previously handcuffed Hook in hospital garb roaming the hospital floor. First: How did Hook -- so intrigued by a plate of blue Jell-o -- get out of the handcuffs so easily? "Pirate!" Hook replies. Duh. Still not fully buying that the jiggly blue thing is just Jell-o (he goes so far as to say that he thought this was all a "hallucination"), he gets distracted when something -- or rather, someone -- catches his eye.

"Well, hello," Hook says to Ruby (Meghan Ory). "You're quite real, aren't you?" Always the charmer. If only the writers and producers went there.

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In another mini-moment, Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) floats the idea to Emma (Jennifer Morrison) about possibly returning to fairy tale land -- this after Emma continues to grapple with who her parents are. How does Emma react to the idea?

Once Upon a Time returns for season three Sept. 29 on ABC. The season two DVD and Blu-ray sets hit stores on Aug. 13.

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