'Once Upon a Time': Emilie de Ravin on Playing Belle's Polar Opposite

"There is definitely conflict there for Gold," de Ravin tells THR of Lacey's emergence in Sunday's episode.
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"Once Upon a Time"

Get ready to meet Belle's alter ego.

Once Upon a Time returns for the final batch of episodes with an hour, titled "Lacey," that reveals another side to the usually prim and proper Belle. Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) desperately attempts to bring back Belle's memories with the aid of David (Josh Dallas).

"It's going to be a fun one for viewers," Emilie de Ravin tells The Hollywood Reporter of Sunday's return. "Increasingly through this episode and the finale, there's a lot more going on. You learn a lot more about Belle in the past, but you are also introduced to a young, scantily-clad chick, Lacey."

As de Ravin describes Lacey, the character is a far cry from Belle -- in every way possible.

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"Her favorite activities are playing pool, doing shots and sitting at the bar," de Ravin says with a laugh. "A little bit more difficult for Mr. Gold to try to get her to fall in love with her again."

"She's one of those girls who's not looking for a boyfriend. She's not against it, but she's not dressing [like she is]. She really doesn't have any dreams of adventure. She's really happy where she is. Fun-loving; she's a sweet person but a lot more flawed. She has a different way of speaking, walking, a completely different attitude," the Lost alum adds.

Most of the interaction in the episode is between a flirty, giggly Lacey and Mr. Gold. Those moments "are really interesting," de Ravin says. "We're so used to playing either the Rumple and Belle past or Gold and Belle present, whereas this is flipped where Gold's just desperate to get this girl to love him so he can bring Belle back."

She hints: "He doesn't do too badly."

The pair's encounters will pose an interesting dilemma for the future of the couple.

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"There is definitely conflict there for Gold," de Ravin says. "At the bottom of his heart, he knows how he feels about Belle still. But here's this girl who looks like Belle, who's fun and is into his bad side. It gets him thinking, 'Huh, she accepts me for who I am.' "

For de Ravin, several scenes from "Lacey" stand out, including the first time Gold sees her at the bar. "It's such a weird moment for her," she says. "[Gold's] reaction and confusion and not knowing what to do."

De Ravin also revealed that Sunday's episode will include a key moment that closes the gap between after Belle leaves Gaston and her father, and before she falls for Rumple: "There's quite a bit filled in there."

Once Upon a Time airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on ABC.

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