'Once Upon a Time' Finale Sets Up Pair of Villains for Season 6

Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Finale

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from "Only You" and "An Untold Story," the two-part finale of Once Upon a Time's fifth season.]

ABC's Once Upon a Time got an evil blast from the past in its season-five finale — and a new villain to battle in season six. 

In the show's two-hour finale, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) made a surprising comeback, was killed, and then resurrected herself to announce her "war" on her Storybrooke alter ego, Regina Mills. 

The season-ender also introduced new characters Dr. Jekyll (Hank Harris) and Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer), who were able to split their personalities into two separate people with a potion. When Regina used it on herself, she was able to kill the Evil Queen by crushing her heart, and then felt safe enough to escape back home afterward.

Once everyone arrived back in Storybrooke, they were greeted by a disturbing new ruler: Hyde. Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) struck a deal with Hyde so he could find out how to wake his wife, Belle (Emilie de Ravin). With Hyde now at the helm of Storybrooke, he plans to bring in forgotten storybook characters from the Land of Untold Stories to make sure they're just as important as Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) & Co. 

At the same time, unbeknownst to anyone in Storybrooke, the Evil Queen somehow resurrected herself and went to kill the Dragon (Tzi Ma) — but not without giving a warning first.

“Regina never should have let me out to play. I came to set the record straight. There was a battle raging inside of Regina and she may have won the fight, but this is a war. And it’s just begun," she says before ripping his heart out. "The queen is back."

Once Upon a Time co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis previously told The Hollywood Reporter that the season-five finale — and upcoming season six — would feel like "something old and something new," which could mean a two-villain season with Hyde and the Evil Queen.