'Once Upon a Time' Sets Pinocchio's Return

Eion Bailey will be back in the second half of season four
Courtesy of ABC

ABC's Once Upon a Time won't just feature the Queens of Darkness when it returns in 2015.

Eion Bailey will return to reprise his role as August/Pinocchio in the second half of the Disney-owned network's fairy-tale drama, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

While the circumstances of his return are being kept under wraps, Bailey will begin his recurring role in episode 414 — the third episode back when the series returns from its winter hiatus. 

August was wounded/killed by Tamara in season two, but after it was determined that his final acts were unselfish, he was restored to his precurse state — a 7-year-old kid. What makes Bailey's return interesting is that the character wasn't in Fairy Tale Land, so it's unclear if he'll be a part of the flashbacks expected to come in the second half of season four. 

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Exec producers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis told THR after the midseason finale that the second half of season four will explore "what makes a hero and what makes a villain. And what is a happy ending."

Producers also noted that the Queens of Darkness — Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella — will serve to help focus the series on its core characters. "We're really excited that the flashbacks will return to the time of season one," Kitsis said. "We're going to get much more Snow, Charming, Evil Queen, before the curse. We're going to go back to that time period."

Bailey, who has appeared in about 15 episodes of the series, has been busy of late. The actor has a recurring role on season two of Showtime's Ray Donovan and last season, had a guest gig on NBC's Law & Order: SVU. 

Once Upon a Time returns March 1 on ABC. What do you think of the casting? Do you think August has ties to Cruella, who producers said has a different backstory than her movie counterpart?