'Once Upon a Time' EPs Give Clues to David and Mary Margaret's Cursed Romance

What's the plan for the star-crossed lovers? Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis address some burning questions on the ABC series' complicated romance.

In Fairytale Land, Snow White and Prince Charming live happily ever after. But on ABC’s freshman series, Once Upon a Time, their Storybrooke alter egos, Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas), are clearly struggling for even a moment of happiness together.

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“The whole idea of the show is that Storybrooke is cursed,” series co-creator Edward Kitsis says. “And therefore what we love is the idea that their love is so strong it keeps pulling them together no matter how hard we try to keep them apart.”

And while it seems the series reunites them constantly only to break them apart, the show’s creators hope fans understand why they put the couple through the wringer.

“We do have a plan for them and we are building to something with them this season and we’re excited to share that with you, just not today,” co-creator Adam Horowitz teases. “But yes there is a plan and a definite build that we’re trying to do and we hope people enjoy wherever we take them.”

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The show's co-creators addressed a couple other viewer questions and concerns about Mary Margaret and David’s storylines in a discussion with reporters earlier this week.

On the uproar over David cheating with Mary Margaret: “One of our favorite things is the fact that I love that the audience is mad that David cheated,” Kitsis says. “But he’s married to Snow White. And in Storybrooke, he has all this guilt of cheating on Kathryn [Anastasia Griffith]. But, the truth is that’s the curse.”

“Yeah, and is he cheating on Snow White by being with Kathryn?” Horowitz adds. “To us there’s a level of complexity that we’re trying to build with these relationships and making nothing easy for our characters. So, when they do achieve the things they want to achieve its all the more satisfying hopefully.”

On why “true love’s kiss” hasn’t broken the spell on David and Mary Margaret: “I think it wasn’t an ‘aha moment’ for them because the curse hasn’t been broken yet,” Kitsis says. “And clearly they’re not the keys to breaking it, they were just the keys to making the savior [Emma, played by Jennifer Morrison].”

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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