'Once Upon a Time' Premiere: What the Viewers Are Saying

The fairy-tale themed show, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison, debuted Sunday night on ABC.
ABC/Jack Rowand

Viewers got their first look at ABC's new fairy tale-themed series Once Upon a Time on Sunday night.

In the show, from creator/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Lost), fairy tales and the modern world collide, and classic characters get reimagined.

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Jennifer Morrison plays a modern-day bail bondswoman whose world is thrown when a precocious 10-year-old (Jared Gilmore) shows up and declares himself her son. He carries a book of fairy tales and says that Emma needs to come to Storybrooke -- home to Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) -- to help break a spell he believed he Evil Queen put on them so that now they have forgotten who they are.

Morrison, for one, was excited about the show's 8 p.m. premiere. She tweeted Sunday: "On my way to watch ONCE UPON A TIME with the cast and crew in Vancouver!!!!"

Fellow ABC star Eva Longoria also urged viewers to watch: "Oh I forgot to tell everyone to watch Once Upon a Time tonight on ABC right before Desperate Housewives! U will love it!! Then watch another great episode of DH!"

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So what did viewers think of the show?

Actress Julia Benson (SGU Stargate Universe) was a fan, giving praise to one of her former Stargate co-stars.

"Robert Carlyle and the whole cast of Once Upon a Time were great tonight, I really enjoyed the pilot and will definitely tune in next week!" she tweeted.

The show also was praised by several other viewers on Twitter, while still others said they were withholding judgment until they see more. Among the reactions:

Jenifer Thigpen
Just watched the new ABC show "Once Upon A Time" from the creators of LOST, my favorite show of all time. I love it already!

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Paulina Gretzky
OnceUpon A Time is amazing! #IBelieveInFairytales

Jax &Tara Fans
OnceUpon a Time was interesting. Think I'll tune in again next week.

Emma Caulfield
The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time and Homeland.. so basically I'm never going anywhere on Sunday nights again.

Ingrid Díaz
What is this Once Upon a Time thing everyone on my Twitter feed is watching?

Ben B
OnceUpon a Time, despite being kind of dark, is still whimsical.

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Clarissa Bowen
I enjoyed Once Upon A Time. Thought it might be corny but it has some promise... We'll see.

Loud Mouth Pastor
OnceUpon A Time was gurrreat!

Sunny Chanel
Once Upon a Time Grimm: What’s Up With These Fairy Tale Shows That Arent for Kids

Jackson Porter
OnceUpon A Time was highly enjoyable!

Allison Lee
Oh gosh tears everywhere, watching Once Upon A Time.

Enrique Menendez
Wow, one more show I like: Once Upon a Time

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Lucie Simone
Who saw the premier of Once Upon A Time? I liked it!

Tim Jaggers
The odds of Once Upon a Time being canceled are low since it is not a Joss Whedon show on Fox.

I recommend Grimm over Once Upon a Time, presently. Supposing Grimm keeps tension up and tightens lines of logic, may like better than SPN.

Chris W.
Just watched "Once Upon A Time"...not bad, but I give it a month.

Anthony Moses
Just watched ABC's new show Once Upon A Time. Very interesting! I can tell that I'm going to love it. I hope it gets several seasons.

Onceupon a time....#newfavoriteshow

Mandy Bennett
Just watched an amzing new program called "Once upon a Time" it's from the writers of Lost! It's superb ♡♥☆★♡♥

Simonetta Pastorini
I really liked the pilot of Once Upon A Time!

Amanda Whaley
Watched once upon a time and it was really good!

Crud. I forgot to record Once Upon A Time. Grrr. I've had the premiere date on the calendar for 2 months, yet didn't set the TiVo.

Mike and Ike
Watched Once Upon a Time tonight. Not perfect, but I like the cast.

Melissa Hay
Totally loved Once Upon A Time. Definitely up my alley.

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