'One Day at a Time' Trailer Delivers First Look at Norman Lear's Netflix Remake

One Day at a Time Still - Publicity - H 2016
Michael Yarish/Netflix

The next reboot is gearing up for its release.

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped the first trailer for One Day at a Time, giving viewers a first look at the Latino remake of the hit Norman Lear sitcom of the same name. The 13-episode first season bows on the streaming service Jan. 6.

The multicamera comedy — which has Lear attached as an executive producer — is a reimagining of the classic CBS series and follows three generations of a Cuban-American family living under one roof. Newly single mom and military veteran Penelope (Justina Machado) enlists the "help" of her old-school Cuban-born mother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and building manager named Schneider (Todd Grinnell) while raising two millennials, her radical daughter Penelope (Isabella Gomez) and socially inept son Alex (Marcel Ruiz). 

In the original series, which ran for nine seasons from 1975-1984, Bonnie Franklin's single mom had two daughters (Mackenzie Phillips and Valerie Bertinelli) whom she moved to an apartment building where the family becomes friendly with the superintendent named Schneider (Pat Harrington).

Joining Lear, who was an executive producer on the original show, are How I Met Your Mother's Gloria Calderon Kellett, Men of a Certain Age's Mike Royce and Michael Garcia as exec producers.

"I just love the idea because I don’t see enough of that representation on the air anyplace," Lear said after the series was announced about having the opportunity to showcase three generations of Latino women. "There isn't enough of it, and I think it's a rich idea."

One Day at a Time, which follows in the footsteps of Netflix's recent revivals Fuller House and Gilmore Girls, is produced by Act III Productions, Inc., Snowpants Productions and Small Fish Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television.

Watch the trailer below.