Paul Rudd Hosts 'SNL': 4 Things to Watch For

Vanessa Bayer Paul Rudd SNL Promo - H 2013

Paul Rudd and One Direction are returning to Saturday Night Live. Rudd already has delivered the best promos of the season, but will he also deliver one of its best episodes?

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Here are four things to watch for.

1. Anchorman

Will Ferrell has been all over the place dressed as Ron Burgundy. Could he team up with Rudd's Brian Fantana come Saturday? Ferrell was in New York Friday for an Anchorman 2 event, and on Saturday, Anchorman 2 director (and former SNL writer) Adam McKay tweeted "Working on a Bill Brasky for tonight's SNL," a reference to a series of sketches he and Ferrell wrote for the show. At this point, it would be more surprising if Ferrell didn't show up to support his Anchorman 2 co-star than if he did.

2. The Sound of Music Live!

This needs to be the cold open. Seriously SNL, please make it happen. 

3. One Direction Sketch

The five members of the British boyband made their SNL debut in April 2012, where they danced alongside host Sofia Vergara and Fred Armisen in a Dominican TV parody. Rudd showed he had great chemistry with the guys in a promo in which they mocked him for wanting to act like he's their age. Let's get these six together.

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4. Fast Food Workers' Strike

SNL has tackled hot political issues this season, most notably tying in the government shutdown with Sandra Bullock-starrer Gravity. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have already offered their hilarious take on the situation, which saw fast food workers go on a one-day strike as they sought an increased minimum wage. We'd like to see SNL dig deep and go for a nuanced take on this subject, like it did with Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) moping on election night last year.

What do you want to see on SNL? Let us know in the comments.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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