'One Tree Hill' Recap: Burning Memories and an Engagement

In the penultimate episode, Julian (Austin Nichols) attempts to sell a TV show, and one couple gets engaged.
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One Tree Hill is in its final two weeks. Ever. With most of the major external conflicts wrapped up, the last episodes of season nine are focusing on saying goodbye to the characters in just the right way.

Star Sophia Bush got to direct the penultimate episode, an honor she didn't take lightly. "I knew that it was the last chance that I was going to have to tell these stories and to honor these characters and to really show their relationships," she told THR.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

The episode starts out with Julian (Austin Nichols) pitching his TV show idea to Brooke (Sophia Bush). It’s a funny way to laugh at their own network, The CW, as Brooke compares Julian’s potential show to “The Creek.”

“We like vampires,” says Brooke, imitating a TV executive.

The scene then flips to Julian giving his real pitch, and the executives seem impressed. As for Brooke, she’s venting about her dad to her mom.

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Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) is preparing to emcee the annual Tree Hill Burning Boat Festival.

Clay (Robert Buckley) and Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) are preparing the beach house for his son Logan’s arrival.

Julian calls Brooke to tell her that the executives like the pitch, but now he has to write a script.

Back in Tree Hill, Julian is struggling to write a script for his new Ravens show. He’s frustrated that he wasn’t there when this all went down. Brooke gives him her secret diary from back at that time – but rips out one page of it before.

Mouth (Lee Norris) -- who is thin again! -- and Millie (Lisa Goldstein) talk about Mouth missing sports. Millie tells Mouth that he should host a sports show.

Logan arrives at Clay and Quinn’s and likes his room. But he’s freaked out when he sees the ocean outside his window. “I’ve never been this close to the ocean before,” he says.

Julian reads Brooke’s diary. She shares her thoughts about her parents and their lack of a connection to her. It’s a smart way to reflect on the Brooke’s past on the show.

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Brooke meets up with her mom, who is frazzled about something, and then Brooke realizes that she’s been entertaining a guest in her hotel room. It turns out to be Brooke’s dad. Brooke runs out of the room in horror.

Clay takes Logan to the beach and helps him get his feet wet in the water. But Logan gets scared quickly.

At prep for the Tree Hill Burning Boat Festival, Haley runs into Skills (Antwon Tanner), who plans on burning a big box of CDs at the fest. But Haley takes the CDs, in an attempt to save the environment. Later, Haley is going through the CD's from Skills, and finds an old flyer from Tric.

Julian meets up with Brooke’s dad to tell him to be better to Brooke. “You’re a dick. You should be ashamed of yourself,” Julian says as he leaves.

Chase (Stephen Colletti) is back to bartending, and not happy about it. He complains to the tattooed twins, who aren’t the most sympathetic listeners.

Logan can’t sleep at the beach house, so Clay and Quinn build a tent for Logan to sleep in because he likes camping.

Brooke’s parents drop by her house to apologize. They say Brooke doesn’t know the whole story. They say that they bought out the investors and are keeping Baker Man. They want to run the company with Brooke. “I think you just got your company back,” says Julian after her parents leave.

Brooke and Haley meet by the river for a chat. They talk about the old days, and about Nathan, who went camping with Jamie. Brooke talks about her parents. “I want to give them another chance, but every time I do I feel like a fool,” she says.

The new host for Millie’s show is Kylie, who gets a bit of stage fright.

Brooke reads Julian’s script, and tells him it’s really good. He’s added a Julian character to the story. “I want to tell this story, your story. I want to do it justice,” Julian tells Brooke. He’s still waiting on the network’s decision.

Haley tells Chase it’s Tric’s 10-year anniversary. Chase is feeling better about Tric, and calls it his home. He says he was visited by angels, “naughty” twin angels.

Quinn talks to Logan about coming into the water, eventually bribing him with ice cream.

Millie and Mouth meet with Jerry to talk about Kylie, who isn’t working out on the show. Of course, Jerry’s not interested in replacing her. Mouth and Millie say that Skills would make a great replacement.

Brooke meets Julian at the soundstage, where he has mapped out all the rooms for his Ravens television show. He tells Brooke that the network liked the script, and they will start casting next week.

It’s finally time for the Tree Hill Burning Boat Festival, and Millie and Skills are introducing it on air. But when the camera goes on, he seems to freeze. But he’s just joking around, and he does great.

Chase and Chuck are at the festival. Chuck is thinking about burning stuff of his dad’s but decides to just burn some other stuff this year. Brooke decides to burn her diary.

It’s time for Haley’s big speech. “I say we take all those failures and let downs and burdens, and let’s torch them,” she says. She then lights the boat full of bad memories.

Back at Clay and Quinn’s house, Logan and the couple are sleeping in a tent in the living room again. “We should get married,” says Clay. He hasn’t gotten her a ring, but he wants to marry her. Logan offers up his glow ring. Quinn says yes.

Brooke decides to give her parents another chance. The episode ends with the three of them watching the fireworks over the burning boat.

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