Oops: Reporter Congratulates Matthew Perry on 'Go On' Cancellation (Video)

2012-27 REV Go On Matthew Perry H

Matthew Perry on "Go On."

It has been a rough week for many in Hollywood who make their living making TV, and Matthew Perry is among them. NBC canceled his freshman sitcom, Go On, as part of a massive housecleaning effort in a bid to gain viewers. 

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But did sports reporter Dan Moriarty know about that when he interviewed Perry at an L.A. Kings playoff game? Hopefully not, as Moriarty brings up the delicate subject by asking, "So, big news today and congratulations is in order."

"Oh, thank you," a nonplussed Perry replies. "You mean because of the show getting canceled. It was sort of a sad day because of the people, and I'm going to miss them. But this show was really getting in the way of some Kings games, so I'm OK."

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"So it's a double-edged-sword congratulations," Moriarty recovers, barely.

Moriarty, whose Twitter handle was displayed at the start of the interview, has yet to tweet about the exchange.