'The Opposition' Confronts Alex Jones, Accuses Him of Being a Crisis Actor

Something is not right with InfoWars radio host Alex Jones — or so Jordan Klepper argued during Thursday’s The Opposition.

After the controversial radio host accused the Parkland students of being “crisis actors,” the late-night host enlisted help from "citizen journalist" and Opposition contributor Kobi Libii to travel to Washington D.C. to confront Jones on the matter, who was in town to give a national press conference speech addressing the lawsuits against his show. Before he spoke with Jones, though, Libii suggested there could be a crisis actor in D.C. impersonating him.

Stating that the “real Alex Jones” would want him to “confront the imposter with or without proof,” Libii approached Jones while he was leaving the national press building, only to engage in a defensive banter with the supposed mock-Jones.

“I just want to be clear: I’m not calling you a crisis actor. I think you’re the victims of these lawsuits. Calling a victim a crisis actor would be a monstrous thing to do,” Libii quipped to Jones.

“I didn’t call those guys a crisis actor,” Jones responded. “You guys said I said that and edited the tape and then sat there and said, ‘What a piece of crap.”

Further addressing Jones’ controversial comments, Libii then asked whether the radio host feels a “sense of responsibility” when stating things that could “impact real people’s lives.” “Well, I don’t feel responsibility for you guys misrepresenting what I’ve said to then try to ban free speech. Free speech gives me a right to —,” Jones said, before Libii interjected with “defame people.” 

“Well, none of that’s been found in court,” Jones argued.

Still convinced that Jones was a crisis actor, Libii argued that if Jones was in fact real, he would have sold him supplements already, but hadn’t. “Jeff Bezos is the biggest supplement seller in the world,” Jones yelled, as the pair then bantered back and forth with Libii mimicking Jones’s “scripts.”

Later on, Libii felt remorseful over claiming Jones was an imposter and confronted the radio host once again during another press event in the same day. While Libii tried to apologize, though, Jones disregarded his words and shouted, “Mister Chuck-E-Cheese ... I think you look like Chuck-E-Cheese, the animatronic rat."

The radio host then had security escort the journalist off the premise. Libii said that he would “think more clearly” going forward and ate supplement pills provided by a person at the event.

The moment wasn’t the first time Jones has had issues with The Opposition. During one of his shows, Jones referred to Opposition host Klepper as a “failed actor” and “classic psychopath.” Jones also mispronounced Klepper’s last name as “Keppler.” The late-night host addressed the radio host’s jabs during his show after and encourage his audience to tweet Jones all of the things that “Jordan Keppler has ruined.” The late-night host then launched a hashtag campaign to honor Jones’s arguments dubbed #BlameKeppler