Oprah Reveals How She Tries to "Bridge the Divide" in America

Oprah Winfrey joined Stephen Colbert on The Late Show Tuesday to discuss her new role in the upcoming Ava DuVernay-directed film A Wrinkle in Time and roundtable discussions between pro- and anti-Trump voters she had done for 60 Minutes

"The first time it was a little awkward, and I could tell there were people who didn’t want me sitting next to them. So you know what I did? I leaned in closer,” Winfrey told Colbert of the roundtables, earning applause from the audience.

“I wanted to bridge the divide in this country and get people talking to each other,” Winfrey said. “They listened and disagreed without being disagreeable with one another.”

When asked by Colbert how the roundtables differed from her long-running talk show, Winfrey said, "I try to be completely unbiased."

Colbert showed Winfrey a tweet by President Donald Trump calling her "biased." The media mogul responded that she reviewed the tapes with the 60 Minutes team to try to pinpoint what Trump was referring to. 

As for A Wrinkle in Time, Colbert asked Winfrey what she thought the "darkness" in the film might be in today's America. "It's this pervasive feeling that one group of people is better than another. In these times of darkness we must the warriors of the light," Winfrey responded.