'Orange Is the New Black' Creator Jenji Kohan: Netflix 'Cryptic' About Show's Popularity

She reveals how the streaming service, which doesn't disclose ratings, characterizes viewership and shares her thoughts on binge-watching.
Jenji Kohan

Netflix famously doesn't release ratings information, even for what it claims is its most watched original series: Orange Is the New Black.

And that secrecy extends to show creator Jenji Kohan, who tells The New York Times that the streaming service provides "very cryptic" assessments of the show's popularity.

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"They say things like, 'We're very pleased,' " she says. The newspaper adds that Kohan first found the ratings blackout disconcerting, but now she enjoys not knowing.

"I'm finding the dark very restful and easy on the eyes," she tells the Times.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos previously said that even House of Cards executive producer David Fincher doesn't know exactly how many people are watching his series.

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As for the phenomenon of binge-watching, which Netflix helped popularize, Kohan's a bit more ambivalent about that.

"I miss [TV-show-watching] being a shared experience in real time," she says. "But it's something else, and I have to embrace that."

Renewed for a second season, Orange Is the New Black is set to return to Netflix in 2014.