Charles Michael Davis Shares Tips on Surviving the 'Originals' Family

The Originals Charles Michael Davis - H 2015
Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

The Originals is exploring the Mikaelsons' history in season three by exploring the first people they turned into vampires.

Although friends have come and gone throughout the years, arguably the person the family is closest to (outside of the bloodline) is Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). (And even he has feuded with the family more times than can be counted, but he has stayed alive throughout it all.)

Aside from that exception, it tends to be dangerous to hang around the Mikaelson family for too long. They often have turned on each other, and those closest to them are almost always in danger.

With the return of these first sired vamps, Lucien (Andrew Lees) already has caused a bit of mayhem in New Orleans. And Originals creator Julie Plec teased to The Hollywood Reporter that Aurora (Rebecca Breeds) "is just a ball of crazy," so they likely will have their work cut out for them if they can survive their latest brush with the Mikaelsons.

To make it through, "the only style is no style," Davis tells THR. "Very Bruce Lee [mentality]. They're different. We've seen he's romanced Rebekah. He played an eager, learning child with Elijah. And he was trying to be more of a peer and competitor to Klaus. You have to be aware of each Original and choose the style that matches [what works with each sibling]."

Another key for these sired vamps is to be sure of themselves, but not too ambitious. "He's stood up for himself, in a way," Davis notes of Marcel's history with the Original family. "I was talking to [Matt] Hastings, our creative director, and Marcel doesn't have a particular flaw he's defined by."

Marcel's levelheaded nature also doesn't hurt. "I think now, looking back, in addition to the no [set] style, he is likable, he is charming. That already puts him in good standing," continues Davis. "He does have to work hard, but also doesn't want to mess it up or be too egotistical, too vengeful or too overly in love, where it becomes a fault. He's good keeping that balance, where everyone else is off balance. … He's nice and neutral."

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW. How do you think the new vampires will be able to survive the Original family best?