'The Originals': Daniel Gillies Previews Family War and Elijah's Romantic Hardships

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A war is coming on The Originals.

Not only will Klaus and Elijah have to contend with Mikael and Esther, the arrivals of brothers Finn and Kol — now played by Yusuf Gatewood (Vincent) and Daniel Sharman (Kaleb), respectively — could make for an interesting (potentially bloody) family dinner. Daniel Gillies hints that the clock is ticking.

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"He's wary," the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter of Elijah's suspicions. "Kol was certainly troublesome when he was around. The moment that Elijah becomes aware that Finn has made a return, Elijah will be suspicious that his mother is somewhere in the picture because Finn has a deep allegiance to [Esther]."

When Klaus and Elijah discover their parents' resurrections (and the time will come soon), their mission becomes clear: Terminate them with any means possible. But Gillies wonders whether the Mikaelson family could become one again, despite their tumultuous family history.

"If I were an audience member, I would be more curious about whether or not they could find resolution or some degree of understanding about their history," Gillies says. "There's no denying that there's something vulgar about Mikael and his pursuit to rid the world of his children, or so it seems, but I'm not certain that Klaus is much better in terms of his morality."

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That resolution may be a near impossible task, if Klaus has his way.

"A war is coming, whether it's deeply emotional one or an immensely physical one, or both. A war is certainly looming on the horizon," Gillies says.

As Klaus and Elijah mobilize against Esther, Finn and Kol, and let's not forget Mikael, the impending reunion among the Mikaelsons offers another opportunity to delve into a rich past, one that spans a millennium. (Monday's episode, "Alive and Kicking," returns Kol's original portrayer Nathaniel Buzolic in flashbacks.)

"Who is Klaus? Who is Elijah? Who is Rebekah? Who is Hayley? Who are these people? The story is the thing that reveals who these creatures are," Gillies says of the season's renewed focus on the Original family, adding that the motives for rebuilding the empire are of particular interest. "Sometimes the question is more interesting than the answer."

Adds Gilles: "I'm particularly interested to hear what Mother has to say to her children, and by the way, I know very well what she says and it is pretty fascinating."

One question that remains unanswered and will be for the near future is the romantic hopes of Elijah and Hayley, who is grieving the "loss" of her baby Hope three months later. Gillies is well aware of the fans' devotion to the pair, theorizing that 'shipping — the act of publicly supporting characters as romantic partners — is an active part of shows "because relationships reveal the most about the characters, which is why [viewers] think it's so desperately important for a Klaus to be with a Caroline or Elijah with a Hayley. When they're with someone, they're their most vulnerable and that's when you learn the most about them."

As Gillies tells it, expect some distance between Elijah and Hayley — at least for now.

"It almost certainly gets worse before it gets better, I'll say that much, and it has to," he says. "In facilitating this smokescreen that they've placed for the world to see, she's actually enduring a good amount of suffering. By doing so, there's a requisite space he needs to allow her and that's tremendously difficult for him."

"But, if anybody knows patience, it's Elijah and he will wait until she is ready to allow him to either a) comfort her or b) be there for her."

The Originals airs 8 p.m. Mondays on The CW.

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