'The Originals' EPs on Klaus' Crumbling 'House of Cards,' Marcel's Suspicions and What's Next

Creator Julie Plec and co-executive producer Michael Narducci break down Tuesday's episode and preview what's to come.
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"The Originals"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for the Nov. 5 episode of The Originals, "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree."]

Klaus' world is starting to come undone.

"This is the episode where the house of cards starts crumbling around Klaus. All the clever machinations he's put into motion are getting ruined all around him as his plans and evil-doings are getting revealed," The Originals creator Julie Plec said.

Klaus' former protege Marcel is now aware that there is a potential traitor in his midst, causing him to make a preemptive strike by kidnapping the pregnant Hayley from the Mikaelson mansion.

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"Marcel's level of suspicion has been raised and he clearly knows that this person who's been buddying up to him all along isn't necessarily on the up," Plec added. "It's just the beginning of the next stretch of Marcel trying to figure out what Klaus' game is and where he fits into all of it."

Plec, along with co-executive producer Michael Narducci, weighed in on what's coming next following Tuesday's episode, "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree."

On the Elijah/Hayley connection

Plec: "There's definitely something. Elijah as we know is a good protector and tends to be drawn to people in spite of himself, and I think that when you have a situation like that where he believes he cares deeply about that child she's carrying and maybe is starting to have his own level of concern. It's more than just the child that he's protecting and caring for. It's definitely not a good thing."

Narducci: "[Elijah's] drive of protecting this woman and having this child be a part of redeeming [his] brother comes into conflict with his emotions that [he] doesn't even know how they're coming from or what to feel about them or what to do. That's going to be Elijah's journey. … What a great fantasy Elijah is to someone like Hayley, so how could she not be drawn to this protector who is noble and a good man, something she's never seen before."

On Klaus' reaction to the potential Hayley/Elijah romance

Plec: "It's very clear he's very territorial, that he likes what's his to remain his. So I have a feeling it will stir up a lot of conflicted emotions for him as well because rational or irrational, he too never felt properly parented, loved or taken care of. When he starts to feel his family slipping away from him -- or what he claims his 'own' finding their interest elsewhere -- he tends to act out in ways that are necessarily the most mature or appropriate. He will definitely have an opinion."

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On Rebekah's desires to separate herself from the family

Plec: "Rebekah's predicament is she honestly believes that everything she wants is outside of her family in terms of peace, harmony, happiness, sanctity. As much as she loves Elijah, as much as she loves and hates and loathes and despises Klaus she really believes that, 'If I can break free of this I can have all I've ever wanted, which is a life I'll have complete control over.' What she'll have to come terms with is the fact that you can't escape this group. No matter you do, the pull of family is always going to be stronger than your own desires."

On Klaus' pull over Camille

Plec: "She's pissed. … She's going to continue to do anything and everything she can to break free of this bond he's created that's controlling her. She's not a weak little wilting flower, so she's probably going to have a little bit of success at it."

Narducci: "When she is with him, with all her psychological training and background, she's able to astutely categorize what his problems are and call him on some of his bullshit in a way that no one really has. That's what makes her such a great foil to him and a character in her own right. His reaction to that will be very interesting. Someone else calls Klaus out, he might snap their neck and be done with it. But he feels some kinship that keeps him from doing that."

On Klaus vs. Marcel

Plec: "In the first half of the season, you've got the fake friendship, the real friendship, the real potent history between them, the lies they're each telling each other, the way Marcel is protecting himself out of instinctive mistrust. … As that starts to blow up in Klaus' face and the secrets start to get exposed, I think what will test their relationship is [not only] how strong their bond is to the past and their true love for each other back in the day -- or father and son or however you want to define their dynamic -- but also what enemies they have to fight against and will they be willing to fight together."

On the witches' big loss following the death of their last elder

Plec: "They have hit rock bottom, in that everything Sophie was trying to do and everything the witches need to hold on to their power got killed in the form of the only living witch able to do that spell. They're going to nurse their wounds for a little bit and then gear up. Sophie is going to have a little bit of a spirit crisis. Then she's going to have to snap herself out of it and decide, 'OK this can't be the end of this journey. I worked way too hard for this. So what am I going to do now?' We'll hit that in a couple of episodes."

On Davina's surprising loyalties

Plec: "Davina's story is just beginning. She is about to embark over the next run of episodes on a journey that is basically going to both put her at odds with everyone and also create some surprising new friendships and alliances that maybe we don't see coming."

Narducci: "Davina may or may not know that that last elder was killed and who's going to tell her what in an effort to control her situation. If you're Marcel … do you want to be like, 'You're fine. You're free to go. Hey, this was great. Take care and I'll see you around sometime'? Or do you say whatever you need to say in order to make sure that asset remains under your power? If he were to not be so truthful to her, how might that affect their friendship?"

On the future of the council

Plec: "They're going to come up in very nasty and ugly ways against Klaus and the other vampires. Some of them may live to tell the tale and some may not. Kieran is a really interesting character for us because we like not only what he represents for the town, which is the sense of what appears to be dignified protection of peace and balance, but [that] for his own deeply emotional reasons, [he's] the first to be willing to get his hands dirty."

Narducci: "You continue to make deals with the devil, how soon before you become the devil."

On Hayley's pregnancy

Plec: "Hayley's in her early second trimester at this point and assuming she lives to tell the tale -- that baby lives to be born -- it will happen later in the season."

On the season-one plan

Plec: "Anything that's in question here -- the character dynamics that we see in front of us,  the question of whether the harvest will happen, whether the baby will get born, will Elijah and Hayley act on or not act on this strange brewing tension that they have, will Klaus kill both of them for it -- all of those questions, before the season is out, will be resolved. We like to feel like season one will be one complete piece and when we start again next year, it will be beginning the next [chapter]."

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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