'The Originals': Joseph Morgan on Klaus' Love of Power Trips, 'Tough' Stay on Top

The actor tells THR that he hopes to explore different eras in the second season, including a World War, and delve into the Klaus-Elijah and Klaus-Marcel dynamics.
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"The Originals"

Klaus' New Orleans reign may be nearing its end.

The Originals' upcoming episode, "The Battle of New Orleans," pits Klaus against his former protege Marcel as the other supernatural factions in town ready for the impending war. This after last week's heated confrontation between Klaus and Marcel, in which the two established just how far they would go to maintain power and take back the city, respectively.

But would Klaus go so far as to kill his adopted son if it came down to it? Joseph Morgan provided some insight on that final moment between Klaus and Marcel. "It's funny. That scene has Marcel saying, 'I'm going to fight until I'm dead.' Then Klaus says, 'I would expect nothing less,' and that's how it ends in the episode," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. But there was a line that was cut, where Klaus tells Marcel that he would also do the same.

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Morgan believes the only thing that would drive Klaus to kill Marcel would be his "pride," noting that afterward, he would have deep, deep regrets. Even so, the actor prefers to keep it positive. "I think there's hope for them," Morgan says when asked about a potential reconciliation.

Staying in power is easier said than done, as Klaus and his brother Elijah have noticed since reassuming the throne. With the humans, witches, vampires and werewolves all jockeying for prime position, the Mikaelsons are on the razor's edge.

"It's a constant struggle. Not only that, there's the witches and the humans vying for power," Morgan says. "It'll be tough for Klaus to stay on top of the hill, but he's going to try and he's going to give it a good go. He's got a lot going for him."

Mikael's threatened presence in Tuesday's hour, however, may put Klaus over the edge. "If Davina helps Mikael, it's going to be difficult," he admits.

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But Morgan has a theory about Klaus' power trips: The Original hybrid is more attracted to getting power than maintaining it -- though Klaus has been doing a decent job of the latter, at least for the moment.

"Sometimes I wonder if it matters more to get to be the king," he says. "It's like, once you're the king, what do you do now? Isn't it the fight to become the king that is more rewarding to him?"

The impending birth of Hayley's baby has already torn the city apart, with the warring factions verbalizing their desires for the future of Klaus' offspring. From Klaus' perspective, "the baby represents hope," Morgan says. "There's a chance there." Whether that means Klaus will do a complete 180 remains to be seen, but Morgan doesn't have much faith that a century-old hybrid would be able to: "To reprogram a thousand years of dysfunction is going to be difficult."

As for season-two, Morgan hopes to see more Marcel in the show, namely the eye-opening Marcel-Klaus flashbacks, as well as a closer look at Klaus' relationship with his brother. He also has his eye on one of the World Wars should The Originals go back in time again.

"To be up to blood and mud in the trenches would be interesting to see in a vampire show," he says. "And just at home with the Mikaelsons. What would they do on a regular day? What do they do when there's not a kingdom to conquer?"

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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