'The Originals': Leah Pipes on Camille's 'Tragic' History and Connecting With Klaus

The actress talks to THR about forthcoming episodes, including complications with Marcel.
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"The Originals" star Leah Pipes

[Warning: Some spoilers ahead.]

Being one of the lone humans on The Originals, let alone one with a heartbreaking past, isn't easy. That's exactly where Camille finds herself.

It was revealed in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries spinoff that Camille's twin brother, Sean, had been hexed by witches, causing him to go on a deadly rampage at the church. Meanwhile, Father Kieran threatened Marcel -- who has taken a shine to Camille -- warning him to stay away from his niece.

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Leah Pipes, who plays psychology grad Camille, chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about her character's "complicated" family history, "butting heads," and Marcel's quest to win her over.

Since The Originals debuted, it's been slow reveals with Camille. Were you aware of where she was headed or what her backstory was prior to the show's beginning?

I knew bits and pieces. In the audition scene, there was a moment mentioning the brother character [Sean], so I knew something dark happened with her brother, but I didn't know to what extent. In the last episode, it was revealed that her uncle is now in town, and I had no idea. I was shocked when I was reading the script that [Father Kieran, played by Todd Stashwick] was her uncle. He can't be compelled; he's taking vervain, so he's very much affiliated with this world. I had no idea that my character was affiliated with this world.

Are you wondering what her relationship with her brother was like?

I am wondering. Every script I get I am more and more happy. I really love where the writers are taking Cami, and I'm enjoying telling that story. Obviously she's the most relatable for a lot of young girls watching the show. Cami is just a normal human girl, and the way she handles herself in the precarious situation of being mind-controlled is, I think, commendable.

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Camille and Klaus have an intriguing connection that's been brewing for a few weeks now. What can you say about what we may see in the future?

I really am trying to get to the writers to tell me what's going to happen with Klaus, but I have no idea. My guess is as good as yours. Obviously there is a connection there; it's a connection between two people. I feel that connection in my life, and it's not romantic necessarily. It's just [this feeling of] you've met this person before and you can share so much with them and you feel you can open with them. But of course it's complicated. [Klaus is] not a person, and he's mind-controlling me. It's a complicated relationship. Cami's not the typical love interest. There's a lot more to that character than just being the love interest.

She is also being courted by the King of New Orleans, Marcel. Should we expect rockier waters ahead?

In this last episode, her uncle did say to stay away from her, so that is a bit complicated. With Marcel, he looked at Cami and thought, "This is my queen," but Cami knew better than to get involved with the super-good-looking, "I got everything going" guy. She had to be mind-controlled to go on a date with him, so we'll see what happens there. It's interesting. (Laughs)

The scene [in "Girl in New Orleans"] between Camille and Klaus where he compelled her to forget her pain stood out over the first run of episodes. Was that a particular highlight for you?

That was definitely my favorite scene as well. It's such a treat to work with someone as talented as Joseph [Morgan, who plays Klaus]. The great thing is, everyone is that talented on this show. We're all committed to the story, and that night, especially, Joseph and I felt like we were making something special here, we were making a special scene. There have been a few scenes since that that have felt very special to me.

What sort of light is shed on Camille's family history through her interactions with her uncle?

The family history -- what we know so far -- is very tragic and it's still very mysterious. As things come to light, it's a complicated family history and it continues to get more complicated.

Does she go up against anyone else?

Cami is definitely headstrong, that's all I'm going to have to say. She's definitely a brave bartender. She's definitely butting heads.

Share one tease from Tuesday's episode.

This coming episode, you'll see Cami fighting to hold on to her one purpose in life right now, which is to right this wrong in her family history. She's not going to give up that easily.

Do you think she'll be successful in doing that?

I would like to think that Cami will accomplish that. Everyone's character, in their own way, has honorable intentions, but Cami's goals are truly honorable. So when you see a character with such heartfelt goals, of course you want to see them achieved, you want to see her finally at peace with this tragedy. Unfortunately, it's tragedy upon tragedy, because if she figures out what happened to her brother, then she's sucked into this world that gets darker and darker. It's not like there's a light at the end of the tunnel for Cami. But she's a strong girl, and I hope she survives!

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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