'The Originals': Michael Trevino on Tyler/Klaus' Big Brawl and 'Unexpected Allies'

The "Vampire Diaries" actor tells THR of Tyler and Klaus' bad blood: "These guys have had a very dark history."
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Michael Trevino on "The Vampire Diaries"

Tyler trades in Mystic Falls for New Orleans when The Vampire Diaries regular drops by The Originals.

The werewolf officially broke things off with Caroline, his then-significant other (though the term is used loosely), in his brief return on The Vampire Diaries. His official reason? Unfinished business with archnemesis Klaus. After all, the hybrid did kill Tyler's mother.

When Tyler comes into the fold on The Originals, don't expect rainbows and butterflies in New Orleans. "A lot of things will come out of the crossover that are going to shake things up among the core group dynamic of the Original family," was how co-executive producer Michael Narducci recently characterized Tyler's trip south.

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Michael Trevino talks to The Hollywood Reporter about tense reunions, turning a dark corner and the mayhem that's in store for Klaus and Co.

When did you find out that you would be making the jump from The Vampire Diaries to The Originals?

I found out I think in August, right when the season was starting I was told that I'd be crossing over. And for a while, everyone thought would there even be a character who would cross over? So I was excited that it was me and I'd be the first one.

Was it a different experiencing being on The Originals set?

They're in their first season, and like any show that's in their first season they're getting things going. Maybe it doesn't run as smoothly over on the stages, but it's fun because they're going through the growing pains that you go through. It's funny because we shoot in Atlanta with the same crew that used to be on The Vampire Diaries, so it's like two big families and everybody knows one another.

We hadn't seen Tyler for a while up until a few episodes ago on Vampire Diaries. How has he changed or evolved during his time away?

Why Tyler's been gone so long is he was away in the mountains with different wolf packs and during that time, he's gathered a lot of information about Hayley and he knows what's been going on in New Orleans. Tyler wants Klaus dead because he killed his mother and Hayley kind of had something to do with that because she spoiled Tyler's plans back when he first tried to go after Klaus with a bunch of hybrids. Tyler's there to seek revenge and he has a plan and he's there to execute it. Tyler's not going to New Orleans to hang out and buy a house. He wants to make it happen.

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You touched on an interesting point with Hayley having foiled Tyler's original plan in season four. What's their reunion like?

They haven't seen one another, so it's going to be a huge shock to Hayley to see Tyler showing up.

Tyler made a sweeping declaration when he left Mystic Falls that he was going to make Klaus' life hell. What can you tease in terms of how he goes about doing that?

There's a good amount of scenes between Hayley and Tyler. This baby Hayley has is very important to Klaus and Tyler's well-aware of this. Tyler's becoming this villain, so I think Hayley and her baby will be in danger.

How dark does Tyler go?

He's not going to turn into how Tyler was in season one -- this unlikable character. Tyler's been through a lot and I think he gets dark when he's dealing with Klaus. Klaus brings out [Tyler's] evil side in the episode tomorrow.

It's funny that Tyler's coming into town right when Klaus' world is crumbling. Was that a reason why now was the perfect time for Tyler's trip to the French Quarter?

(Laughs.) Exactly! It only makes sense that when things are going wrong that Tyler throws a wrench into the whole plan. Tyler can't go on living life in Mystic Falls and college and not having taken care of [the Klaus problem] to make things right.

Should we expect to see Tyler teaming up with other people on The Originals in his battle against Klaus?

He's come in to New Orleans and right now New Orleans is a battle between Klaus and Marcel so I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler ran into some of those characters.

The CW released a promo where we saw Tyler and Klaus going at each other. One can assume things won't be pretty, but how would you describe their first encounter?

These guys have had a very dark history with one another and they don't like each other. (Laughs.) When that happens, there's a conflict and someone says something they shouldn't say and we have a big brawl, a big fight and we're going to see that.

What was it like filming that big moment?

It was fun. I have an amazing stuntman and because it's [a show with] supernatural elements, a punch isn't just a punch; a punch can fling you 10 feet into a tree. It's good! You get that aggression out and you get to be a boy.

How does Caroline factor into the equation with Tyler and Klaus?

She's just a part of both of their pasts, but Klaus is very witty and smart and he knows what to say to tick off Tyler and usually it has something to do with Caroline so that's really it. We definitely know that Klaus has always had a thing for Caroline and I think he still does.

There is also the mystery of the werewolf who's been protecting Hayley. What's the likelihood that that will be addressed or answered?

It will be addressed. Many people think that it's Tyler -- and I won't say yes or no -- but it is brought up.

Are you sticking around on The Originals?

I can't really say but you know, The Originals just got picked up for a full season. What I can say is I'm hoping to be able to jump back and forth between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. I don't think I'll just be on The Originals now but that's as far as I can go. (Laughs.)

Any chance we'll see you back in Mystic Falls in the near future?

It's all up in the air. I don't know when I'm going to be back. I'm in Atlanta right now but that's because we had our 100th episode event this past weekend so I'm hoping, but we'll see.

What's one tease you can share for Tuesday's episode?

Tyler comes in to New Orleans and he might not be coming alone, and while he's there, he makes some unexpected allies.

The Originals airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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