'The Originals' Premiere: Klaus Betrays One of His Own

"The Vampire Diaries" spinoff debuts after the flagship series with an episode that recaps the April backdoor pilot, but providing some new revelations.
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"The Originals"

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from the series premiere.]

The Originals, The CW's spinoff to The Vampire Diaries, re-established itself with the series premiere, even unveiling a few bombshells at the end of the New Orleans-flavored hour.

The world isn't completely new, as viewers were treated to an April preview of the supernatural-heavy city wherein witches and vampires live alongside humans. But the Oct. 3 debut gave those who didn't tune in five months ago the chance to catch up, without feeling completely left in the dust. (Read the recap of The Vampire Diaries episode here.)

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Primarily told from Elijah's (Daniel Gillies) point of view, The Originals debut served as a reminder of what had gone down while at the same time filling in the missing pieces from Klaus' journey from Mystic Falls to the Big Easy -- spotlighting benchmark moments like Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) discovery of Hayley's (Phoebe Tonkin) pregnancy, Klaus and Elijah's heart to heart and Marcel's (Charles Michael Davis) "I'm the king" speech.

The Hollywood Reporter highlights some interesting tidbits from the series' first episode, which could be seen as a catch-up of sorts.

  • Sophie's (Daniella Pineda) sister Jane-Anne (R.I.P.) discovered Hayley walking in the French Quarter one evening and sensed that the werewolf had a connection to Elijah's brother Klaus. Hence, why Jane-Anne took a shine to her. It's Sophie who reveals to Elijah that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus' baby. "It's impossible!" Elijah exclaims.
  • Hayley herself can't understand how she was able to be impregnated by Klaus. Cue Elijah's history lesson dating back centuries. Turns out the Original family's youngest child was killed and Klaus took it the hardest; this prompted their mother to use black magic to make the family even more powerful. Thus, the first vampires were born.
  • Klaus' first transition from vampire to hybrid is brutal, something he and his family could not prepare for because even they weren't aware that his first kill would activate the werewolf curse. Why? Because his mother had an affair with a werewolf. (The black magic merely added the vampire element into his bloodstream, which explains why he's a hybrid.)
  • The spell that Jane-Anne died for linked Sophie to Hayley, adding another wrinkle to the Klaus saga. Whatever happens to Sophie, also happens to Hayley, "which means her life is in my hands," Sophie says.
  • It's not only Klaus and Hayley who have stock in her baby. The fate of the offspring means way more to Elijah, than it does Klaus.
  • Elijah and Marcel meet at a local pub, and Marcel learns that Klaus' hybrid blood is the only way he can save his friend -- bitten by Klaus in a fit of rage. They strike a deal when Elijah brings Jane-Anne's body back to the witches, allowing Sophie to say goodbye to her sister.
  • As promised, Elijah tries once more to persuade Klaus to stick around. What results is an epic throwdown. But the key moment comes when Elijah admits his fault in not doing more for Klaus following their father's abuse. It's a sweet moment. "You are a sentimental fool," Klaus says after accepting his apology.
  • Will Hayley's baby be the catalyst for Klaus family? That's a question that will presumably play out over the course of the series.
  • Elijah declares that he'll protect Hayley. Is this a new friendship brewing?
  • Remember when Klaus seemed to bow down to Marcel in the April episode? It's all just a ploy. And he and Elijah are figuring out that there's more to the witches and Marcel than meets the eye. Why haven't the witches killed Marcel?
  • With two minutes left to go, the reason is revealed: Marcel is hiding Davina (Danielle Campbell). But why?
  • Shocker! Klaus and Elijah presumably put their latest disagreement to bed, but where Klaus is concerned, it's never black and white. Klaus begins to doubt Elijah's value in his mission to reclaim his throne from Marcel. So what does he do? Stab him. "Forgive me, my brother. There is no power enough. Mercy makes you weak. Family makes you weak. If I'm going to win this war, I have to do it alone."

What are your thoughts on The Originals premiere?

The Originals moves to its regular night and time Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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