'The Originals': Julie Plec Previews Klaus and Dahlia's Finale Fight

"Klaus has basically a support group filled with enemies who are feeling very betrayed by him," Plec tells THR. "But to their own frustration, [they] find themselves having to fight his war for him and with him, even though they'd probably rather never talk to him again."
Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Originals family is not in the best shape right now.

Recently, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) daggered Klaus (Jospeh Morgan) with the hope that the rest of the family could band together to fight Dahlia (Claudia Black) and protect baby Hope. But when he was revived, he teamed with Dahlia to take down his family — and stop Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Hope's mother, from running away with their child.

But while he antics were malicious, they weren't honest: it was revealed he was actually playing Dahlia. Unfortunately, he just never bothered to tell anyone else about his long-con. And so when the time comes to fight Dahlia during Monday's season two finale, Klaus' family and friends are not too thrilled with him.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with The Originals creator Julie Plec about the familial tension, Claire Holt's return as Rebekah and more.

Now that it's been revealed Klaus was only working with Dahlia as part of a long-con to get the upper hand on her, what's next in the fight against Dahlia?

Klaus has a really genius plan. It's just that the collateral damage of his genius plan is so profound and traumatic, that had he just kind of taken that extra step, thinking it through from a place of humanity and compassion, maybe he wouldn't end up with such a mess on the other side that he has to clean up. That being said, maybe he'll lose the battle. I think the duality of Klaus' character is you have to do what you have to do. But did he really have to do it in the way he did it? I don't know.

Given how many bridges he burned with his family in the past few episodes, how will they be responding to Klaus now?

They're furious, rightfully so. They're frustrated, and a little irritated, because of course his defense is "in this time of war, you pull out your best guns." There's some truth to the defense of his own actions, but there's some recognition he personalized his attack so brutally as punishment to them for daggering him. And so they know they either have to [agree or] stand up, hold their ground, and refuse to let him be right, which may, at the end of the day, result in a deep and irreparable fracture in the family.

Outside of the immediate family, Klaus cursed Hayley and the pack to remain in their wolf forms when it's not a full moon, so she seems screwed at this point —

Hayley is beyond screwed. (Laughs.)

How will she be dealing with her curse in the final episode?

It's pretty brutal. Klaus' defense is, "She was trying to take my child from me, and really, when all is said and done, I protected her from being killed by Dahlia. I don't know why you're so pissed at me." What he did to her was an extreme violation, and I don't see her recovering from that any time soon. I don't know when she'll be able to break that curse any time soon, either. If and when she does finally come back into her human form, I have a feeling there's going to be a reckoning.

Claire Holt is also making her return as Rebekah in the finale. Now that she had to give up her human body, how is she dealing with her return to reality?

The funny thing — and I think this speaks as much to the success of Maisie Richardson-Sellers' work as Rebekah, as it does to the character, and how vivid the character is — is that Claire re-stepping into that role felt so seamless. You're so invested in that character, that one actress to the other, you forget you're seeing a different face. And so what's nice about it is she just steps right into the fray. [She's] very angry at Klaus for making a decision about her body and what she wanted to do with it, without her free will. And dealing with the fact, yet again, she finds herself victimized by her brother, but also needing to stand by his side, against a greater enemy, in the name of always and forever, in the name of this family.

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Davina (Danielle Campbell), meanwhile, is very determined to bring back Kol. How successful will she be?

Davina, when we get to this finale, has, in her mind, all the ingredients and power and everything she needs to finally make good on the promise she made to herself and Kol that she'll give him another chance at life. All I can say is, we'll see how that goes.

And how will Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) be fitting into the action?

Marcel, of course, is at the greatest risk, because if Dahlia is successful at taking down any of these Originals, especially Klaus, [Marcel] won't live to see tomorrow. He's frantically trying to prevent anything from happening to Klaus, which is equally frustrating for him, because he's pissed at Klaus, too. For Gia, for what Klaus did to his vampires, for generally victimizing him. Klaus has basically a support group filled with enemies who are feeling very betrayed by him. But to their own frustration, [they] find themselves having to fight his war for him and with him, even though they'd probably rather never talk to him again.

As the family takes on Dahlia, the show is in an interesting position because Claudia Black is a series regular on another show next year -- but it's your new show, Cordon. Without spoiling how season two ends, is it possible for Claudia to appear on both shows?

I can't say much without giving away with end of the journey for this season [for Dahlia], but I will say it's highly satisfying, and it makes it clear what the character's future could be.

The Originals' season finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. on The CW.