Comic-Con: 'The Originals' Season 2 Trailer Debuts, Boss Teases 'Dark, Warped Fairy Tale' (Video)

Claire Holt reprises her role as Rebekah within the first three episodes of the new season.
Annette Brown/The CW
"The Originals"

The first trailer for the second season of The Originals is here.

Comic-Con attendees in Ballroom 20 were treated to a first look at the first three episodes in advance of The Vampire Diaries spinoff returning in October, which includes the introduction of Caleb, a new character played by Teen Wolf alum Daniel Sharman, with flirty interactions with Davina, the returns of the "monstrous" Esther and Mikael, Hayley's hybrid transition and the continuing war for control of the Quarter. Claire Holt, who is seen in the trailer, also returns as Rebekah within the first three episodes.

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If season one was about the "gangster takedown" of the Quarter, said co-executive producer Michael Narducci, season two will focus on family and the "sins of the past coming to haunt us in the present." Creator/executive producer Julie Plec hinted that when "your greatest enemy is the person who gave you life … that's a huge conflict." 

The Mikaelsons' family problems will be so dire that the show will have a "dark, warped fairy-tale component" this coming season, Plec said. The story picks up roughly three months after the events of the finale.

The trailer teased Elijah's encounter with Mikael and ended with Klaus setting in motion the early drive for the season when he asks, "Which of our parents do we kill first?" Joseph Morgan teases Klaus on a warpath, saying that he's out for "bloody, violent, merciless revenge." With Mikael returning, under the control of Davina, Morgan says it forces Klaus to face "his relationship with his father" head-on and how that translates to him as a father.

The inevitable question about Caroline and Klaus' future came up during the fan Q&A portion. "Your guess is as good as mine," Morgan replied. Plec was more candid about the realities of revisiting that particular pair, saying that it has to be "an organic fit" for Caroline to cross over. "There is no place for Caroline in Klaus' community at the moment," Plec said.

The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley also made a surprise appearance during the panel after Daniel Gillies had the audience sing a belated "Happy Birthday" to the actor, who turned 32 on July 23.

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