'Orphan Black' Refresher: Where the Drama Left Off — and Burning Questions for Season 3

Look back on where the series left off and ahead to the new season's big mysteries.
Steve Wilkie/BBC AMERICA

Orphan Black’s complicated world grows even bigger in season three when a new set of male clones (played by Ari Millen) join the action. Before the new season premieres on Saturday, get caught up on what the clones have been up to and the biggest burning questions going into season three.


In the season finale, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) turned herself over to Dyad where Rachel was holding her daughter, Kira (Skyler Wexler), captive. Dyad wanted access to Sarah because of her unusual ability to procreate, and they tried to take one of her ovaries. While escaping with Kira, Sarah met Marian (Michelle Forbes), who was from Dyad’s mother company, Topside. When Sarah visited Marian’s house the next day, Marian revealed another child clone named Charlotte and an entirely new group of male clones. Sarah also had a new and seemingly permanent man in her life — Kira’s father, Cal (Michiel Huisman). 


Cosima’s body continued to degenerate, and in a fit of rage, Rachel destroyed the vials of Kira’s bone marrow which might have saved her. Kira showed Cosima a book given to her by the clone's creator, Duncan (Andrew Gillies), which could hold the key to their genetic sequence. 


After ruining the community play and going to rehab, Alison reconnected with Donnie (Kristian Bruun). She also helped him get rid of the body of Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer), whom Donnie accidentally killed.


Helena spent much of season two held captive at the Proletheans’ creepy farm, where she was artificially inseminated by Henrik (Peter Outerbridge). She escaped, but in true Helena fashion, returned later to burn the place to the ground. After finally meeting all of her sisters — and doing some enthusiastic dancing at the clone dance party — Helena was abducted by the military as Mrs. S. (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Paul (Dylan Bruce) watched. 


Rachel tried to get the clones’ genetic sequence out of her adoptive father, Duncan, who committed suicide rather than give her the information. She then demanded the sequence from Sarah who responded by shooting a pencil into Rachel’s eye — the side effect of an escape plan put into action by Cosima and Scott (Josh Vokey). 

Here are the biggest burning questions for season three:

• Helena and Gracie (Zoé De Grand Maison) have both been inseminated with Helena’s eggs and Henrik’s sperm. Will there will be clone babies?

• Who is Marian and how does Mrs. S know her? So far, everyone from Dyad has turned out to be … not great. Could Marian be the exception?

• What do Paul and the military want with Helena? Also, how will Sarah react when she finds out that her former monitor abducted her sister?

• Will Cosima find a cure for her disease? Does Duncan’s book hold the solution to her recovery? Orphan Black wouldn’t get rid of Cosima, would they?

• How much of a role will the male clones play in this season? Does Prolethean Mark, who is now married to Gracie, even know he’s a clone?

What are your burning questions heading into the season premiere? Share your questions and theories in the comments section below. Orphan Black returns for season three on Saturday at 9 p.m. on BBC America. Check out an extended look, below.