'Orphan Black' Creators on Justin Chatwin's "Dark" Character, Potential Clone Reunion

Graeme Manson and John Fawcett talk with THR about the latest threat to Team Hendrix, and why Gracie's miscarriage is "probably the best thing for her."
Courtesy of BBC America

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the May 9 episode of Orphan Black, "Newer Elements of Our Defense."]

Team Hendrix was in for quite the shock in Saturday's episode of Orphan Black.

As Alison (Tatiana Maslany) and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) navigated their amateur drug-dealing business, they hit an unexpected road bump when they were brought in to meet a local drug lord… who just happened to be Alison's high school boyfriend, Jason (Justin Chatwin).

"The fun of that is really watching the Hendrixes, naively, try to take on a business they know very little about," Orphan Black co-creator John Fawcett tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Getting into -- quickly -- some hot water with a drug lord. A dark, evil, drug lord… only to discover [Alison] used to date the dark, evil drug lord in high school. That launches a whole new angle for Team Hendrix for the rest of the season."

And that "new angle" could once again spell trouble for Donnie and Alison. "It's nice to see Team Hendrix back together, and now there's something that has shown up -- what's that going to do to their relationship?" Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson teases. "What kind of pressure is that going to put on them?"

The co-creators also tackle a few of the episode's other big moments:

Is there hope for Cosima (Maslany) and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu)?

Saturday's hour saw Cosima being reluctantly dragged back into the dating pool, just a few episodes after Delphine broke up with her. But how successful can she truly be at moving on?

"She's a very loving, open, and giving character," says Manson. "We are challenging that heart. Because she's such an empathetic character, I don't think there's anyway she can drop Delphine from her heart. Delphine will always be there. It's just in what terms is the question?"

But Manson offers these words of encouragement for fans of Cosima/Delphine: "There's always hope for 'Cophine.' "

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What comes next for Gracie?

The Proletheans were dealt a major blow when Gracie miscarried the child she was forcibly impregnated with. (And whose biological parents were Henrik -- Gracie's father -- and Helena.)

"It's very clear her family has an agenda," says Fawcett. "The best thing for Gracie personally, at this point, is to forge her own path. That's certainly where we'd like to see her go: Stepping out, and see her strength and grow from this. To step out from her mother's control."

That's not to say the miscarriage won't weigh heavily on her. "But it's a big deal," says Fawcett. "To be honest, it's probably the best thing for her, but it's also very emotional. It's a big ugly thing that happens in episode four that has to be dealt with in episode five and beyond."

Will Sarah reunite with Helena?

At the end of the episode, Mark (Ari Millen) and Rudy (Millen) deemed Sarah (Maslany) a "loose end." And while that might have seemed ominous, thanks to the previews for the next hour, "we know that Mark and Rudy wind up taking Sarah with them back to the same place Helena is being kept," says Fawcett.

Says Manson, "We would hope that we're finally reuniting Sarah and Helena."

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. Do you think Team Hendrix can survive Jason's return?