'Orphan Black' Season 2 Trailer: 'Cosima Will Suffer' (Video)

The critically hailed BBC America clone drama starring Tatiana Maslany returns April 19.
BBC America
"Orphan Black"

It's Orphan Black Friday!

As April 19 nears, BBC has released a new trailer for the Tatiana Maslany clone drama set to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Golden Lion." After flashes of the main Orphan Black clones (Cosima, Alison, Sarah), the major season-two questions come to light: Who created the clones? Who is the original clone?

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The minute-long teaser offers more hints as to what's going on, including Paul telling Sarah that "there's nine of you," the mysterious Project LEDA, a brief peek at Michiel Huisman as Cal, a Paul versus Sarah showdown and Rachel targeting Sarah by using Cosima's illness against her. "Until Sarah comes to heal, Cosima will suffer," Rachel says.

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