'Orphan Black' Postmortem: Tatiana Maslany Talks "Kill Switches," Break-Ups

Orphan Black - H 2015
BBC America

Orphan Black - H 2015

[WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Orphan Black's season three premiere.]

As Orphan Black's third season kicked off Saturday, the stakes for the female clones became rapidly apparent.

Although on paper, a kidnapped — and hallucinating — Helena (Tatiana Maslany) was the one in most immediate danger, Sarah (Maslany) was asked to impersonate an injured Rachel (Maslany) at Dyad. Meanwhile, Alison (Maslany) was asked to try her hand at impersonating Sarah — in case anyone became suspicious and wanted to see the "captured" clone.

While playing Rachel, Sarah learned the truth of the situation: all of her "sisters" were at risk. Before her injury, Rachel had been collaborating to get rid of her fellow clones — a process dubbed "Helsinki" — and that was already under way.

"We realized there are kill switches in a way — there are people who are willing to abort the [cloning] experiment for their own reasons," Maslany told The Hollywood Reporter, noting that shock will continue to impact Sarah. "It's not being able to control their life or make their own decision. That's what it speaks to."

Elsewhere, Delphine (Évelyne Brochu) broke up with Cosima (Maslany) after the former was tasked with becoming the "new Rachel" at Dyad; Rachel remained critically injured after losing her eye; Donnie (Kristian Bruun) was fired from his job; and Alison decided to run for school trustee.

But most heartbreakingly, Mrs. S' (Maria Doyle Kennedy) secret deal to keep Sarah and Kira (Skyler Wexler) safe in exchange for giving up Helena didn't stay quiet for long. After Mrs. S was attacked, she confessed her "wartime decision" to Sarah — who immediately rejected her explanation. "You're not my people," she told Mrs. S.

"Sarah's pretty used to being betrayed by people, but she definitely started to trust Mrs. S in a way she hadn't before, and let her in," Maslany explained. "This betrayal is huge. It puts a huge wrench between the two families that Sarah is a part of."

Given Sarah's fierce loyalty, it won't be easy for this betrayal to be mended in her mind.

"She doesn't do well with it: it's all or nothing with her," Maslany shared. "You either support her, or you're her enemy. She deals with it in an extreme way, which is warranted by what Mrs. S did."

Orphan Black airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on BBC America. What did you think of the drama's season three premiere?